How a Rice Steamer Has Saved My Sanity

How a Rice Steamer Has Saved My Sanity

Before having a rice steamer, I would avoid meals with rice because it was such a pain. Now, I love cooking dinner with rice in them!

I got a rice steamer for Christmas last year. I swear that thing has saved my sanity in the kitchen! Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but it really has helped a lot with so many meals!

I used to get so frustrated at the absolute mess that I would make when cooking rice in the microwave. Or the few times I tried it in a pot I was also focused on making the other components of my meal that I would forget to stir and the rice would all burn to the bottom. Either way, rice was seriously making me angry. For a while, we just stopped having meals with rice because I couldn’t handle it.

The steamer that I have is the Aroma Housewares 6-Cup Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. Of course, I have it in the red color because it’s such a pretty color. The best part, it’s not even $20. I seriously wonder why I didn’t get it sooner at that price point.

Looking through the manual and the description and reviews online, you can also use this to warm up soups, chilis, dips, and other things like that. I personally have not tried this with it yet, since I usually make a large batch using my slow cooker. But I can see how it would be perfect for someone living by themselves or for a couple.

Originally Published On: February 24, 2018

Last Updated On: September 9, 2020

Set the Rice Steamer and Go

One of the best parts is being able to set the steamer and forget about it. It only takes a minute to get the water and rice in the steamer. Plug it in, turn it on, and it does the rest for you. I love how easy it is to get the rice cooking so I can focus on preparing the rest of the meal.

The one thing I have learned, though, is that it takes a bit longer to steam the rice this way than just microwaving it like I used to. I have to get the rice started before starting anything else. But other than that, it makes it so much easier.

And even if you accidentally set the rice too early, once it is finished, the machine switches itself over to “keep warm”. It no longer cooks the rice, but (obviously) just keeps it warm.

Rice with seasonings and water in the bowl of a rice steamer with the lid next to the steamer on a wooden surface

Cleaner to Use

Oh, my gosh, using this rice steamer is soooo much cleaner than trying to cook the rice in the microwave like I used to do. I would put the rice in a large bowl and cover it with water, as directed. Cover the bowl with a paper towel, and cook. No matter what I would try, doing it only a minute at a time, covering it better, it would always make a mess. Water and rice would rise and leak over the edge of the bowl and get all over the bottom of the microwave.

When I use the rice steamer, the mess is all contained within the machine. After cooking the rice, there are only two things to clean: the bowl that the rice cooks in, and the lid for the steamer. That’s it. No cleaning the microwave afterward as well.

Steamer Basket

In addition to steaming rice, this also comes with a basket that fits on top of the rice. It can be used for steaming vegetables or other similar foods. And the best part, you can do this while also steaming rice. So you can get two of your side items done at one time by cooking the rice and steaming some broccoli or beans or other vegetables.

I used to have a separate steamer that I would use for vegetables. But it wasn’t near as easy to use or clean as this rice steamer is. Since the machine is made for steaming the rice, you have to set your own timer for the steamed vegetables. To me, that isn’t too big of a deal. The manual that came with the steamer included suggested times for multiple different vegetables to give you an idea of how long to steam them. The softer vegetables, such as broccoli, don’t take near as long as the harder ones, such as asparagus.

Broccoli florets in a steamer basket

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22 thoughts on “How a Rice Steamer Has Saved My Sanity”

  1. It seems like the rice steamer is something I must have. We eat rice every day in my house, actually, my husband does. I will look into it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice idea. I love tools that make my life easier. I have big family so the everyday meal is something takes time. I certainly want a rice steamer!! Love the words : “One of the best parts is being able to set the steamer and forget about it”.

  3. My family loves steam rice. We usually make it in a saucepan but never in a microwave. I wanted to buy a steamer for a long time now, as it’s pretty easy to use and clean.

  4. I have heard good things about a steamer in regards to the even cooking of rice. I coo rice in a pot and sometimes it’s hit or miss for us. I have noticed I can cook some brands better then others though. I had no idea there was a timer. I think that feature is great.

  5. I completely understand where you are coming from. Rice steamers do such a better job than microwave or even really over the stove top. It’s so much cleaner and does such a good job with relatively minimal effort.

  6. OMG yes! We got one for our wedding and I have been a changed person since then! I swear I have no idea how I survived without one for so long.

  7. I recently returned to working full-time outside of the home. It’s been a transition to say the least! Anything to make dinner time easier is something I need to look into. I love the set it and forget it mentality.

  8. Ooh being Chinese we use the rice cooker steamer all the time! Just as an aside, you can measure the proper amount of water by filling the water to your first knuckle.

  9. I have the same one and I honestly use it the most out of all of my counter appliances. Since I have a gluten intolerance I have rice everyday and the duo rice cooker/steamer is just so fantastic.

  10. We used to eat rice quite a bit but we’re doing a low carb diet so haven’t really made it recently. But I did say some sort of rice cooker would be so handy for when we do have it x

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