Stephanie: Blogger & Chef

Stephanie is the blogger and chef behind Son Shine Kitchen. She loves all aspects of preparing food from making a meal plan and grocery list to preparing, cooking, and baking.

Stephanie in a nutshell: A native Floridian living in Texas who loves to be in the kitchen cooking, baking, organizing, and making delicious new foods. Also known as boy-mom, wife, daughter, sister, photographer, nerd, adventure-seeker, beach-lover.

Justin: Designer

Justin the man behind the design, layout, graphics, and, more recently, the photography for Son Shine Kitchen. He also enjoys eating all of the delicious food after photographing.

Tyler: Sous Chef

Tyler is a wonderful older brother and loves to help in the kitchen. His favorites include: dumping ingredients, mixing, cracking eggs, and rolling out dough.

Ryan: Taste Tester

Ryan is the younger brother who just loves to eat. He will help in the kitchen when he wants, but prefers to watch the food in the oven and eat it when it’s done.

My Story: A Work in Progress

Stephanie was born and raised in Southwest Florida. She moved to Orlando for college and met Justin playing ultimate frisbee at midnight on campus. They started dating, then a few years later got married in 2012 after both graduating from the University of Central Florida.

just over a year later, they welcomed their first child, Tyler, to the family. About two years later, they gave him a little brother, Ryan.

Stephanie was always a Florida girl, until they decided to move to the greater Houston area where they currently reside.

As a family, Justin, Stephanie, Tyler, and Ryan enjoy traveling and seeing new places. They spend a good amount of the summer in Florida every year.