6 Days to an Organized Kitchen

6 Days to an Organized Kitchen

Follow along with a series of 6 posts to get you the beautiful, organized kitchen that you want so you can enjoy your space again.

Do you struggle to keep your kitchen organized? Have you started cooking only to realize you can’t find the ingredients you need? It’s a common problem we all face. However, a little bit of organization is all you need to alleviate the problem.

You may be saying to yourself, “Stephanie, I don’t have time to organize my kitchen”. Or “I’ve tried organizing my kitchen in the past but it never works.” Luckily this course will get your kitchen organized in less than a week. And help establish a routine you can use anytime to things start to get misplaced. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to get your kitchen under control even if you don’t consider yourself an organized person. Imagine the impact an organized kitchen will have on your life.

Originally Published On: March 8, 2018

Last Updated On: October 25, 2021

Take Control for an Organized Kitchen

Here’s how it works:

There are a series of 6 posts that focus on one part of the kitchen. You can choose to go through all 6 at once or take your time. If you do one per day, you will have an organized kitchen in less than a week.

Still need more convincing?

The series goes through the exact steps I take when my kitchen starts to get out of hand. Anyone who knows me personally can tell you that I am a very organized person. Sometimes it borders on OCD a bit. But over time things get misplaced or we get new kitchen stuff (I’m always buying things for the kitchen) and it just gets stuffed wherever we can fit it at the time.

My parents were in town last weekend and my mom (who is here often) was telling my dad where to find something in the kitchen “unless Stephanie rearranged again.” I retorted quickly by saying I haven’t for at least a few months until Justin reminded me that I just switched a couple of drawers two weeks ago. I organize the kitchen so often I don’t even remember doing it!

Of course, you don’t have to rearrange as often as I do. About every 6 months I go in the kitchen and do a big cleanout. I follow all the steps I outline in my emails, but I like to do it all in one day. I know, for many, that either isn’t possible or extremely overwhelming, which is why the series is broken down into 6 posts.

How to have an Organized Pantry Without Plastic
My dream organization for the pantry would be a bit like this. Plenty of jars, all the same, only I would add labels to everything.

Get Started on your Organized Kitchen

What do you need to start?

All you NEED is a kitchen and the desire to have it better organized and easier to cook in.

What do you WANT? Well, that depends on you and your kitchen and your personal workflow.

I like having all of the food in my pantry in containers rather than the packaging it comes in. First, because it looks nicer and, as a food blogger, I am constantly in and out of my pantry. Second, I can see exactly how much we have left of items since they are clear containers. Third, my pantry is an odd shape so it helps keep everything organized.

Personally, I don’t like anything on my counters except a few essentials, like my stand-mixer, so finding space for everything is key.

If you are interested in some of my favorite organizing products, you can read more on my blog post 7 Favorite Organizing Products for the Kitchen which showcases some of my favorites.

Next Steps

So go ahead, don’t be afraid, you have nothing to lose except a few hours of your time. Follow the 6-day kitchen organization series which will give you quick, easy-to-handle tasks to get your kitchen cleaner than before and know where you put everything.

Cleaning and Organizing the Kitchen

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  1. What a perfect “spring cleaning” project! Love it! I definitely have some cabinets that could use a good purging/organizing session!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I’m often looking for things in the kitchen that I’m sure should be there, but then just can’t find them. 🙂 xxx

  3. I have a little bit of organization in my kitchen but it can definitely use some help. It is one thing that definitely needs my attention.

  4. I love this! We don’t have a lot of cabinet space so we definitely need tips on how to organize and make everything fit nicely.


    That’s great for anyone needing to organise their kitchen. I try to keep mine as organised as possible. The kids and husband like to mess it all up for me though.


    That’s great for anyone needing to organise their kitchen. I try to keep mine as organised as possible. The kids and husband like to mess it all up for me though.

  7. Having good organisation in your kitchen is so important to make sure it works well for you. That jar wall is just pure beauty x

  8. Sounds like a great guide coming up! I look forward to it…kitchen organization is something I think we all need. Definitely makes things easier when you know where everything is!

  9. This is an interesting series of articles to watch out for! Organizing your kitchen in bits of info helps to set small milestones and work gradually.

  10. My kitchen is really very messy these tips are really helpful to organise the kitchen well. I am surely gonna try them

  11. Oh man…. being organized is everything for sure. I am loving this and so have to set up the kitchen in my new home properly…. thank you for the tips!

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