Rosemary Vs. Lavender


Rosemary and Lavender are two common aromatic herbs that look and taste similar. They are often confused with each other but vary in quite a few ways. While they both grow on shrubs and in the same growing conditions, their use for culinary and medicinal purposes are their key differences.


Rosemary flowers grow within the bush and can be found amongst the leaves of the rosemary plants. It has a more woody, piney flavor to it but can also be bitter depending on how it’s used. Rosemary is more suited for savory dishes. Because of its woody flavor, you’ll want to use it in oily dishes. Rosemary goes very well with meat and stews.


Lavender flowers are found at the ends of the stems. They don’t have leaves around them and are concentrated in the extremities of the plants. It more closely resembles its mint family relatives with subtle tastes of mint in there as well. Lavender, with its sweeter flavor, is more suited for sweet dishes. I’ve seen lavender used when making cakes and similar baked goods. But, the sweet taste can also help cut through more bitter flavors and lighten up things such as roasted chicken or lamb.

Rosemary Vs. Lavender