My Vacation in Food: Part 2

My Vacation in Food: Part 2

The second quarter of our vacation was spent in a gorgeous cabin to explore the rest of Utah. The free breakfast there was delicious, and everything was so fresh. I read in their information binder that 95% of their food is organic and/or locally sourced food. And let me tell you, it was obvious in the abundance of flavor in everything we ate! We never got a chance to have dinner at the restaurant, but based on the breakfast, I would bet it is amazing.

We were at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch for four nights of the vacation, and explored everything in that area, including Escalante and the Famous Burr’s Trail, before we moved on to Green River, Utah, for one night to go to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

June 5

In the morning, we again had breakfast at the main lodge of the cabins. They had run out of yogurt, so we switched to having the granola with milk and it was even better. We all enjoyed it so much we asked them what kind it was. He didn’t give us a brand but said it is called “hemp granola” so we are going to try to find something similar.

My Vacation in Food: Part 2

For lunch, we packed sandwiches in a cooler bag that my parent’s brought and had a picnic lunch at the Devil’s Garden in Escalante. It was a gorgeous area, and perfect for a picnic. When we went grocery shopping the day before we got bread and lunch meats to be able to pack lunches rather than buying out all the time.

My Vacation in Food: Part 2

At dinnertime, my dad made a pork loin in the oven. Since the cabin had a full kitchen, we took advantage of it to make some food. With 6 people on the trip, eating out gets expensive. We bought a few things we could make easily without many ingredients to save money. We bought a full, pre-marinated pork loin and a rice side to make on the stovetop. I forgot to get a photo of our pork and rice before I started eating it.

June 6

Breakfast was again eaten at the Sweetwater Kitchen at our hotel. We packed sandwiches for lunch, but never found a good picnic area along the Burr’s Trail that wasn’t swarming with mosquitos, so we ended up driving back to the cabin to eat the sandwiches there.

My Vacation in Food: Part 2

For dinner, my dad found charcoal in the storage closet and we were (barely) able to get the charcoal grill lit to grill some chicken. There wasn’t a lighter in the cabin, so we were lighting some sticks on fire from the gas stovetop and placing those in the bottom of the grill to get it lit. Finally, it took, and we had delicious grilled chicken with a rice side for dinner. T had been asking to eat out on the deck, so we did, although the wind made our food cold very quickly.

My Vacation in Food: Part 2

June 7

We were supposed to stay at the cabin for one more night, but we also wanted to see Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. So the day before, my mom and I decided to suck up the cost and we would leave the cabin a day early and booked a cheap hotel in Green River, Utah, which was only about 30-45 minutes from the parks. We got up and had breakfast at the cabin lodge, then packed up and headed out.

We got to the next hotel at about 1:30 in the afternoon, checked in, and went to the diner next door for a late lunch/early dinner before heading to the parks. I got another grilled chicken salad, and this one was the best I’d had. It came with a huge bowl of dressing, which was nice because I put just a little bit on at a time as I needed it. My mom got one also and asked for no eggs so I asked for hers and got twice as many hard-boiled eggs. I love eggs on my salad!

I got dehydrated while we were out there, so we mostly drove through the two parks. We also didn’t realize that Canyonlands has multiple entrances that don’t all connect, so we only drove through the area near the entrance we went in. When we got back, everyone else went to the diner to get some dessert, but I still wasn’t feeling well so I stayed at the hotel for the evening.

A few photos from the places we visited during these days:

My Vacation in Food: Part 2 My Vacation in Food: Part 2

14 thoughts on “My Vacation in Food: Part 2”

  1. I always find camping food super unique because well, you just don’t have as much as you do in a typical kitchen!! My sister goes camping a lot and I always see her cooking up these elaborate gourmet meals – it impresses the crap outta me!

  2. What an amazing trip you had. I love camping and I love how there are so many different ways to camp. The pictures look beautiful and the food looks yummy.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time in the Desert Southwest! There are so many amazing sights to see there. And the food looks delicious too!

  4. You must have had a whale of time. All the dishes look yummy indeed. I would love to go on such a trip as well!

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