Top 4 Websites for Printing Grocery Coupons

Top 4 Websites for Printing Grocery Coupons

With grocery prices rising, it helps to have ways to save money at the store. Printing out a few grocery coupons can help offset the costs.

Ok, who else has noticed how much the price of groceries has gone up? It’s a little crazy. We try to budget ourselves on groceries and it’s getting harder and harder to stick to it lately.

I’ve mentioned before that I love my cash-back grocery apps and have made a decent amount of money from those but it isn’t always enough. You can also supplement with coupons.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going all extreme-couponer on you here. I don’t go get multiple copies of the newspaper every week for the coupons. I don’t do a dozen transactions to get everything free or almost free. But I will print out coupons to take to the store when they apply.

I have a few go-to sites for printing out coupons that I use whenever we go shopping.

Originally Published On: September 19, 2018

Last Updated On: December 17, 2019

Grocery Coupons Websites

Box Tops for Education

If you go to the Box Tops for Education website, you can look for coupons for the products that have Box Tops on them, so this one works two-fold. As the consumer, you get to save money on products that you may already be buying. And if you turn the Box Tops in at your local school they can earn money for them. We end up using a lot of products with the Box Tops on them, so as we use them we just clip the tops and save them up. Now that Tyler is in elementary school, we turn the box tops in to his school.

There’s a website called (I know, easy enough to remember, right?) that has a bunch of coupons that can be printed off. As of writing this, there are over 300 coupons available that you could “clip” and print out to take to the store with you. The coupons here are manufacturer’s coupons, so they can be used at any store that accepts coupons.


Another great website for coupons is If you subscribe to the Sunday newspaper, RedPlum is one of the inserts that are often in there with the coupons. Yes, there are more coupons if you get the paper but that doesn’t help if you are trying to save money. RedPlum often has some of the better coupons, so it’s a great place to get a little money off your grocery bill.


Even if you aren’t shopping at Walmart, most of the coupons on their website are manufacturer’s coupons so they can be used at any store. I can’t link you to the direct coupon location because it makes you choose a store first. But if you go to and click on store ad near the top, you can choose your store location and click on coupons from there.

Tips for using Grocery Store Coupons

A few hints when using coupons:

  • Don’t buy something just because you have a coupon
  • Check the limits on the coupons
  • Know the store you shop at for their coupon policy
  • Compare the price of an item with the coupon and other brands, even with a coupon there may be a cheaper option

My Method for Using Grocery Store Coupons

My method in regards to coupons:

  1. Make my grocery list
  2. See if there are any coupons for the items I am already getting (and don’t add anything to the list just because there is a coupon)
  3. Go grocery shopping and compare the prices with coupons versus the store brand to see which is the better deal
  4. Get home and do my cash-back grocery apps to earn more as well

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11 thoughts on “Top 4 Websites for Printing Grocery Coupons”

  1. I totally gave up on the coupon thing, LOL! Typically the things I buy don’t have coupons but man WHEN THEY DO – I feel like I won the lottery! LOL!

  2. My sister is the coupon queen of the family, I will share those sites with her as well. Thank you, Stephanie.

  3. This is a fabulous resource of information for finding and using coupons! I love saving money and putting that savings towards Disney trips LOl!!!

  4. OH girl!! What great information!! I’m going to be pinning this so I don’t miss out on these tricks!! Totally genius.

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