Thyroidectomy part 8

My Thyroidectomy, part 8: Preliminary Pathology Results and First Week Post-Op

6/6/17 I was so anxious to get the results from the pathology. I had been checking my online account with Kingwood Medical to see if anything was posted on there, but I honestly wasn’t really expecting it to show. I checked early, at 7:15 that morning, I did notice that my discharge paperwork was online to print, and when I looked through that, it had a discharge diagnosis of “thyroid adenoma” and under the medical visit detail tab, the reason for hospitalization said “left thyroid nodule” and the visit diagnosis was added as “benign neoplasm of thyroid gland.” When I looked up those terms, adenoma is “a benign tumor formed from glandular structures in epithelial tissue” so the keyword in both of those diagnoses is BENIGN! I sent everyone a text that said: “So haven’t officially heard from surgeon yet, but on my online account with the hospital, the discharge diagnosis was just added saying “benign neoplasm of thyroid gland” and the discharge paperwork was uploaded with a discharge diagnosis of “thyroid adenoma” which is a benign thyroid tumor. So looks like it was all benign, but waiting to hear officially from the surgeon because I can’t view the actual report.” So I went and took my shower (a third layer of bandages came off afterwards), and a little later I called Dr. Sampson’s office again at 9:45 and they answered, but the nurse said she has the report but he hasn’t had a chance to sign off on it and she wasn’t allowed to give me the results until he did, and she would call me back as soon as he did. At 1:56pm I got a call from Dr. Sampson’s office, it was the nurse calling to let me know the results of the pathology show that nothing was cancerous, it was all benign! I text everyone to let them know, and about 10 minutes later it really hit me, and it was overwhelming. I went to Justin and was just hugging him and cried tears of relief. I hadn’t realized until then just how much that was weighing on me until I got that call. So that meant that the only thing to do is keep checking on my TSH levels and see if this last portion of my thyroid is going to make enough or if I will need to be on medication. But no more surgery for this, no needing to do the radioactive iodine, no more need to really worry. I was still getting worn out pretty quickly, and needing a pain med once in the afternoon, which was followed by a nap. That night, I slept with only my regular pillow, not propped up like I had been.

6/7/17 It has been one week since surgery. Before seeing Dr. Ouais (my endocrinologist) for a surgical follow-up with him on Monday, he wanted me to have some blood drawn at their office before I see him to test my T3, T4, TSH, CBC, and CMP. I hate having blood drawn, but at least since he is doing the CBC and CMP, I can bring those results to my regular doctor because she wanted to do those as well in the next week or two so hopefully she won’t need to do it again. Since I had to be fasting, I had Justin take me as soon as the office opened at 8. I still couldn’t drive yet, even though his office is only a few minutes down the road. Luckily they got me in pretty quickly, so it didn’t take long. The nurse used a butterfly needle, and didn’t have trouble getting my vein, but I just had no blood flowing. She had to keep lifting the needle up to try to get the blood to flow into the collection tube, and still wasn’t able to fill them. She said she thought that would be enough for the tests he wanted to do. I was wondering if the needle was too small, but even when she pulled the needle out I didn’t bleed. She still wrapped it with gauze, but even when I took that off later there was no blood on that. After I got home I got some breakfast, then I took a Norco and got right in the shower. The Norco takes about 30-45 minutes to effect me, so I took it with the plan that I would be out of the shower before it really hit. I wanted to get the rest of the bandages off in the shower since they were already really loose. I had Justin sit in the room so he could help me if I started feeling lightheaded from trying to do that or if the Norco hit faster than usual. When I got close to getting the bandages off, I had Justin come in the bathroom and take it from me. I did that while I was still in the shower because the warm water helped loosen everything. When I got out of the shower, I was a little lightheaded. I had Justin look at the incision and tell me if I should look at it or not. He said it looked really good, and he thought I would be ok to see it. So I did, and it didn’t look near as bad as I was expecting. After all that, I laid down for just a little bit. We noticed later that my neck looked a little swollen, especially above the incision, but it wasn’t too bad. My tongue is still about half numb from how it started, so it’s slowly getting better.

9:35am Blood draw done and time to relax at home

6/8/17 When I woke up this morning, I realized that my tongue doesn’t quite feel numb anymore, just more of a burned feeling. Tyler had his 4 year checkup this morning, and I decided I would go with Justin to take him while my mom stayed home with Ryan. His pediatrician even said something about how the incision looks really good. Tyler was given a clean bill of health, got four vaccinations (in two different shots), and was cleared for preschool next year. Since he did so good, they gave him a coupon for a free single scoop from Culver’s, so we decided that would make a good late lunch/early dinner for us all. Justin first recommended we go, but I was not feeling up to it by that time. I took a nap not long after we got back from Tyler’s appointment. My whole neck felt bruised, so I took some pain meds before going to sleep for a little while. When I woke up, we looked up Culver’s menu, and Justin went to get it drive-thru to bring home. And when he got home I realized he didn’t take the coupon; oh well, we will just have to go again soon. That morning I was so proud I was able to put a shirt on over my head, and wore something other than a camisole shirt…. but then I had trouble getting it off that night! I could’t figure out how to take it off over my head without either stretching my arms too far that it hurt, or hitting the incision. So I decided to stick with camis for a little while longer. I also propped my pillow up again to see if that would help a little with the swelling in my neck.

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Thyroidectomy part 8 Thyroidectomy part 8

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