My Thyroidectomy, part 7: Recovery and Waiting on Pathology Results

6/2/17 I still spent a lot of the day in bed, either sleeping or watching Netflix. Mostly sleeping. In the morning, I had Justin help me shower. When we left they said to make sure to shower every day, but I was too worn out that night. Since the meds make me lightheaded, I had Justin get in the shower with me just to make sure I didn’t fall. I also wasn’t able to really reach down so had to have his help washing my legs. It felt so good to take a shower and get cleaned up! It’s amazing what just a shower can do to make you feel more human again. The boys came home from Justin’s parents house late-morning, and they came in to say hi to me, but I said I couldn’t really hug them or anything yet, so they just blew kisses to me. For the most part, they were very good and stayed as quiet as you can expect them to since they knew mommy needed time to rest and get better. As the day went on, I got a little more steady on my feet, to where Justin would just come in the room when I needed to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t have to help me in there, which was also a big improvement.

6/3/17 My tongue was still very numb even a few days after surgery. It was such a strange feeling and made it a little difficult to eat because I couldn’t always control it. Another big improvement for the day, I was able to shave my legs! Not in the shower like I usually do, but I took a shower (this time Justin only stayed in the bathroom to make sure I was ok but didn’t have to get in with me), and after I showered, I had him help me fill the tub and I was able to shave my legs sitting in the tub. It also felt pretty good to just soak in the hot water for a few minutes too. I didn’t let the water get too high, just around my belly-button so no risk of it hitting anywhere close to the incision since that isn’t supposed to get submerged for a while yet. Justin’s parents went to eat at Iguana Joe’s, and at first his dad invited us to go, but even his mom said no, I wouldn’t want to go, and Justin isn’t going to leave me at home, so they brought us some dinner home. I was really wanting some queso, so that’s all I asked for. I still wasn’t eating a whole lot, mostly I just wasn’t really hungry. Justin was making sure I ate a little bit, but it was mostly pudding, some of the chips and queso… small things like that. I could swallow small stuff, but things that were too big or not very soft hurt a little bit just because as I swallowed it would make the incision area move. My mom came in town that night, and her flight was originally supposed to land at about 8:30, so Justin’s brother was going to come stay with me while Justin went to get her in case the boys woke up, but it kept getting delayed and she ended up landing at about 3am!

2:40pm After showering and shaving my legs… feeling much more human!

6/4/17 My first-born turned 4! I can’t believe it’s been four years already, my how the time flies!! We got up and Justin made some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (Tyler’s request), and the boys spent some time hanging out with my mom. I was able to take a shower on my own that morning, and when I got out I was able to get the first layer of the bandage strips off my incision. I also noticed that I had a rash on my upper chest and the front of my shoulders, basically everywhere that the cleaning solution was on me during the surgery. I’m not positive what they used, but my body obviously didn’t like it. When I pointed that out to Justin, since he was looking so close at that whole area, he commented on how he never realized how big that nodule was until now that he sees me without it and how much different it looks. My tongue is very slowly starting to feel a little better, but still has a long way to go. Justin’s parents came over after breakfast to see Tyler for his birthday, and Justin ended up finishing his cake while they were here, so we all had cake and sang to Tyler. They were over for a couple hours, and I had been up and about all morning, and the exhaustion started to hit me, so I had to go lay down for a little while. After Ryan got up from his afternoon nap, Justin and my mom took the boys to Toys R Us to pick out a few toys. We started this at Tyler’s first birthday, taking them to the store with a dollar limit and letting them get whatever toys they wanted. I stayed home because I wasn’t feeling up to going out and it would mean someone would have to squeeze between the car seats which isn’t comfortable. They were gone for a couple hours between going to the store and grabbing some food to go on the way home, so I got a lot of time to rest then. When they got home I got up to see what Tyler picked out, and we had dinner together. I stayed up a little later than the previous nights, but was still in bed by about 9:15.

6/5/17 The first thing I did was call the surgeon’s office to see if they had the final results of the pathology from the thyroid nodule. Of course, they aren’t open on Mondays. I tried to call the hospital and talk to someone in the pathology department there, but no luck. I told the woman who answered that I was wondering if they pathology was done on my thyroid from last week and if I could get the results. She immediately said she didn’t think the report was finalized yet, before I even gave her my name. I asked if she was sure that was mine and she said it had to be because they only got one thyroid in for study that week. She checked in the system and said it actually had been finalized, they must have worked on it over the weekend, but I would have to call my doctor for the results, she wasn’t allowed to give them. When I told her my doctor was closed today, she said I will just have to wait until tomorrow then. So I called Dr. Sampson’s office back and left a message that I was looking for the results if they could call me as soon as possible with it. I knew it wouldn’t be until the next day, but I was hoping if they got the message when they got there first thing Tuesday morning maybe he would call me back quickly. Once I was done with all those phone calls, I took a shower and was able to do it all by myself, including shaving my legs in the shower! It’s the little things that feel like a big win right now. Although I did almost have my mom come running in because I accidentally knocked over a shampoo bottle and she was afraid I had fallen down, oops! After the shower, another layer of the bandages came off. I couldn’t tell exactly how many layers there were on there, but the shower seemed to help get them off with the moisture. Later that evening, I noticed the incision was starting to smell a little and it was turning my stomach. So per Justin’s suggestion I laid down on the couch with a damp rag laying over it to try to block the smell. It didn’t smell like I would expect if it was infected, just smelled of dried blood under the bandages mostly. That was also the first day that I didn’t have to take the Norco near as much. I took it once in the afternoon when it started to bother me, and then took one before bed.

1:53pm Laying down to take a nap with my heating pad under my neck/shoulders because they were very tense and sore.

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Thyroidectomy part 7 Thyroidectomy part 7

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