My Thyroidectomy, Part 12: 3 Months Later

My Thyroidectomy, Part 12: Three Months Later

It’s been three months now since my thyroid surgery, and overall I feel like I am healing pretty well. There are days that hurt more than others, but it’s definitely been getting better. I have been able to do yoga without holding back and it’s so nice to be able to get back to most of the things I was doing before surgery.

When it comes to exercise, it does still hurt a bit to certain things. Anything that requires sharp movements, such as jumping jacks, is a little difficult. I am not a runner, but the little I have run, that does start to bother me after a little while. Again, too much movement. But once the weather cools down here I plan to start walking again with the boys.

I have noticed a few times that my calcium levels seem to drop if I don’t have a cup of milk in the morning. Lately, I have been drinking almond milk which has more calcium in it than cow’s milk. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that my parathyroids must have been more affected by the surgery than I originally thought. The mornings that I don’t get enough calcium in me, my fingers start to feel tingly, numb, hot, and swollen around 10 am. When this happens I can just take a couple Tums and within about 15-20 minutes the feeling is gone and I am good for the rest of the day.

But we have learned, I have to get that calcium in at breakfast time. I typically eat a bowl of cereal, and the milk in that is enough for the day. Otherwise, if I make eggs or toast or something else, I have to drink a small glass of milk with it. I am not a big milk drinker, but I force myself to do it now.

I cut into all of my pajama shirts so they don’t hit the scar area since it is still sensitive to the touch.

I went last Thursday to have my blood drawn again for my 3-month check on my levels. Originally my doctor had only asked for the thyroid levels this time and not the CBC and CMP which would also check my calcium levels. I asked the nurse who drew my blood if we could do those as well since I’ve had that calcium issue, and those are what my primary physician will need from me soon as well. She went ahead and drew that blood work at the same time for me.

While I was in the waiting room at the office, the tv was set to the news which was on non-stop because of Hurricane Harvey threatening the Texas coastline and supposed to be dumping a lot of rain in Houston. I asked the receptionist what they will do on Monday because I was scheduled to get my results at a follow-up visit with my doctor in the afternoon. She assured me that if they had to close the office they would call all their patients.

Well Thursday started the rain, Friday had a little more rain, Saturday the Houston area started flooding, and as of right now, it still hasn’t stopped raining except maybe a couple hours. I’m sure you have seen it all over the news, the catastrophic, record-breaking flooding in Houston. I am so very thankful we live in a very high area that was extremely well-designed for drainage. We have not had any flood problems at our house and kept power and water almost the entire time. We lost power on Friday for about 20 minutes and lost our cable and internet on Saturday for a few hours.

This being said, almost the entire city is shut down. We can’t really leave our neighborhood because of the flooding. I assumed that the office would not be open, but never received a call either. About two hours before my appointment, I tried to call the office. I got the “phone line not in service” message, so started calling his other area offices and got the same message. I don’t know if the storm took out their service, or what happened. But I did not go to the office. I’m pretty sure I could have gotten there without hitting flooded streets, but I don’t think they were there. I didn’t risk it.

Heading to the store during a break in the feeder bands for a few more supplies.

At this point, I don’t know when I am going to be able to get those results. I am hoping that they will post them on the Quest website so I can at least see the results, then reschedule with my endocrinologist in the next couple weeks. But for now, I am just going to have to wait. There are much bigger things going on here than worrying about results. I’ve gone this long without any medication, even if these show I need it another week or two shouldn’t make too big of a difference.

My mom was supposed to fly in on Friday to come visit for the long weekend, but her flight has been canceled. Both of the Houston airports are closed “indefinitely” at this time. They aren’t sure when they will be able to reopen. We aren’t sure, even if her plane did land, if there would be a safe route for me to even go pick her up from the airport. We aren’t sure if she would end up stuck at an airport somewhere. Or if she would get stuck here and not be able to fly home. Spirit Airlines has offered to reschedule her flight at no charges and with no charge if there is a fare difference, so we are looking into when she can come out next.

All this to say, please keep the great people of Houston and all the surrounding areas in your thoughts and prayers. The river closest to us has peaked at an all-time record high, areas that don’t normally flood have people being rescued by boat from their second-story windows. It’s absolutely devastating to see this. To watch what these families are going through. We need all the help we can get in Houston right now.

We went for a walk during a break in the rain to check the neighborhood…
…and then got caught out while another strong rain came through!

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My Thyroidectomy, Part 12: 3 Months Later My Thyroidectomy, Part 12: 3 Months Later My Thyroidectomy, Part 12: 3 Months Later

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