My Thyroidectomy, part 10: Two Weeks Post Surgery

6/12/17 Every day I keep saying it’s close, and every day I wake up still feeling like my tongue is still just slightly burned, and today is no different. Hopefully this continues to heal and isn’t permanent damage, but it’s such a small area that it wouldn’t be too bad if it is. When I took a shower I noticed that the rash on my neck and shoulders is gone, and most of the scabbing came off as well. There’s only a small section at the end that looks bad now, and I think I see the ends of some of the dissolvable stitches there, so I am not going to mess with it. In the afternoon, Justin drove me to my endocrinologists office to go over the blood work that I had drawn last week. I brought him a copy of the pathology report and the operative report, and mentioned when I checked in that I need a copy of the blood work because it’s the same tests that my pcp wants to do the next time I go in. She made me a copy when I checked in, so I was able to see the results before event meeting with Dr. Ouais. Everything was within normal range except my TSH which was at 0.14 which is the lowest it’s ever been. My calcium was back up to 9.7 again which is a good number. When we met with the doctor, it took him a little while to look through all my results and reports to figure out what was done, he seemed a little confused. He finally got it all straight, and asked how the surgery went and had me tell him what I was told about procedure and results, and seemed very satisfied with what was done. He looked over the blood results and said that the calcium level is promising that whatever parathyroid glands are left are going to make up what I need, at least for now. He also wasn’t concerned about the TSH level because he said it’s too soon after surgery to get an accurate reading on that. He asked me to go back in 3 weeks to test that again at closer to 5 weeks post-op, but I said I will be in Florida. He said ok, 4 weeks then and I said I would still be in Florida. He just laughed and I asked if it was better to do it a little early before we leave, or wait until after. We decided to make an appointment for the Monday before I leave (he’s only in the close office on Mondays) and I need to go get the blood drawn the Thursday before that. Basically Dr. Ouais said if I am hypothyroid he wants to check before I go on vacation so we can get me started on meds to help with it so I’m not possibly miserable while gone. It was a quick appointment with him, but good to know everything is healing well and my body is doing what they expect. He looked at the incision area, and touched just a little around it, but said he wasn’t going to push on it for another couple months to check everything. So now I don’t have any appointments for another two weeks. I also mentioned that I realized earlier in the morning that, since the surgery, I wasn’t feeling short of breath anymore. I still get exhausted easily and lightheaded sometimes, but it’s all getting better every day.

6/13/17 Besides having a major headache in the afternoon, it was a pretty normal day for me. For the last couple days, I had been eating almost everything, and noticed that I had no problems at all today. The only thing that bothers me with eating at this point is the area that still feels slightly burned. I was able to do most of the things I usually would do without noticing the incision area hurting much. For example, in the shower I was able to wash my hair without worrying about how I was moving my arms to have it not pull. As soon as I got out of the shower, though, I was getting some sharp pain for just a minute in the leftmost part of the incision, the part that is the least healed over and the side that had to stretch a little to get the entire nodule out. It’s not even quite two weeks since surgery, and Justin and I both noticed that the scar is already starting to soften and flatten in some areas. I didn’t lay down at any point, and I was feeling the exhaustion by the end of the day, on top of a pounding headache. My neck and shoulders have felt tight, so Justin gave me a neck/shoulder rub, and between that, a hot shower, and some Tylenol, the headache went away. As I was laying down for bed, we also noticed that the swelling above the incision seems to have gone down quite a bit as well.

6/14/17 Two weeks have passed since surgery. Two weeks of recovery, two weeks of being restricted, two weeks of being slightly uncomfortable, two weeks of relying on my husband to do many of the things I normally do. But it’s also been two weeks that I have been able to breath better without the nodule pushing on my windpipe. Two weeks without having my heart race at times. Two weeks knowing that my thyroid won’t be a problem again for me. Two weeks knowing that my body was able to handle surgery and anesthesia. As always, every day I feel a little better, and my tongue is just barely noticeable anymore with the burning feeling. I’ve been slowly able to move my head further, but it’s still not enough to feel comfortable driving yet. My throat wears out easily, and it’s difficult to raise my voice too much. The incision is looking better, and doesn’t hurt much anymore unless I stretch a little too far, move too much, or accidentally touch it. But overall, I feel a lot better than I expected at two weeks post surgery. I hate not being able to do everything I want to do, though I also know this is just part of the process. I’ll know a lot more about what is going on with my body and the portion of the thyroid left once I go see the endocrinologist again in a couple weeks.

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Thyroidectomy part 10 Thyroidectomy part 10

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