Active Dry Yeast

When you think of yeast for baking bread, active dry yeast is likely what you are thinking of. It is dormant until dissolved in lukewarm water. Yeast is what helps your baked goods, dough, and breads rise.

Active dry yeast can be purchased in small individual packets or in a glass jar. Just make sure you put the jar in the refrigerator after opening to keep it fresh. You also don’t want it to start proofing if it gets too warm or humid in the house.

While there are a few types of yeast, active dry yeast is the most common. It doesn’t rise quite as quickly as instant yeast but is the easiest yeast to find in the store.

Yeast can typically be found in the baking aisle of your grocery store. If you bake often, grab the larger jar. But make sure you are checking the expiration dates. Once the yeast is expired, it won’t rise as well which may leave you with flat dough and bread.