Super Easy Super Mario Themed Food with question block rice krispies and star shaped sandwiches on a red tablecloth (with logo overlay)

Super Easy Super Mario Themed Food

If you have someone who loves video games, then these super easy (mostly healthy) food ideas are perfect for a Super Mario themed birthday party.

One of my favorite parts of hosting a party is finding a way to make my food fit the theme. Honestly, I would be ok without any decorations, as long as the food is themed to the party. I get excited when we have a birthday party or get-together that I can work the food into the “decorations”.

This year, Ryan has really gotten into playing on the WiiU and wanted to have a Mario birthday party for his fourth birthday. Of course, as it got closer he started playing Donkey Kong and Kirby more, but I wasn’t changing it a week before the party. Overall, he still loved his Super Mario birthday party and had a lot of fun with his friends.

Young boy blowing out a number 4 candle on a mario kart birthday cake

We had a few decorations of streamers around the house, and the dishes were color-coordinated with the main Mario colors (red for Mario, green for Luigi and Yoshi, blue for Toad and Rosalina, and pink for Princess Peach). But, the theme was most obvious in the food.

As you can see, themed food is such fun for me. I’ve always loved Mario games, and Nintendo has always been my favorite console. So, I had a lot of fun coming up with Super Mario themed food for Ryan’s birthday party.

When have you ever left Miss Stephanie’s house hungry?

My friend to her daughter who was getting “hangry” when they got to the party.
Super Easy Super Mario Themed Food with question block rice krispies and star shaped sandwiches on a red tablecloth

Originally Published On: March 30, 2019

Peanut Butter and Jelly Stars

Ryan’s birthday party was at 3 pm, but I still wanted something that people could eat for something a bit more filling. Since almost all Mario games are based on collecting stars in one way or another, I decided to go with star-shaped sandwiches. Once I started making them, I wished I had a cookie cutter in the shape of a star, but I will remember that next time.

  1. Place two slices of bread together, one on top of the other
  2. Use a cookie cutter or knife to cut a star shape in the bread
  3. Spread jelly on one piece of bread and peanut butter on the other
  4. Put the bread together to make a sandwich
Super Mario star-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a red platter

Question Block Rice Krispies Treats

For dessert, we had the birthday cake. But I wanted something extra for those who don’t care for cake. And, I’ll admit, because I loved this easy idea and wanted to make it. In Mario, there are “? Blocks” that you can hit to give coins, power-ups, and other items in the game. I decided that we could make some Rice Krispie Treats, since they are already a yellow color, and add a question mark with icing. Looking back, I wish I had added a little yellow food color gel to make them really yellow and the question mark stand out, but everyone still understood what they represented. I used my new (to me) cupcake stand to hold the Rice Krispies so they would take up less space on the counter.

  • Prepare Rice Krispies Treats according to the directions on the side of the box
  • Spread them out on a cookie sheet to cool and harden
  • Use a knife or a dough cutter to cut the treats into squares
  • Add a question mark to the center with white decorating icing
Super Mario question block rice krispies on a white tiered serving dish

Flower Power Fruit and Veggies

At every party, there’s always junk food, but you have to balance it with some healthy foods. I like doing a fruit and veggie tray at parties because almost everyone will eat something off the tray. And for those with allergies, they are usually safe food. In the past, I’ve made them look like monster faces and Ninja Turtle faces, or put it all into a dump truck. For the Mario party, I decided to make them look like the fire flowers that you can get in the games to have the character throw fireballs at enemies. There is also ice power, but I couldn’t think of enough blue fruits that everyone would eat to do one of each.

  1. Cut up the fruits and veggies as needed
  2. Use a small bowl to fill with fruit dip and veggie dip each
  3. Place the dip near the top center of your tray for each flower
    • I found a cream cheese fruit dip and a ranch vegetable dip
  4. Surround the bowl with a yellow fruit or vegetable
    • I used pineapple for the fruit and yellow peppers for the vegetables
  5. Add the red fruit and vegetables around the outside of the yellow
    • For ours, I used strawberries for the fruit and grape tomatoes for the veggie tray
  6. Use a green fruit and vegetable to make the stem and leaves
    • For the fruit, I used green grapes, and for the vegetables, I used both broccoli and green pepper
Fire flower fruit with a fruit dip in a white boel surrounded by slices of watermelon with sliced strawberries around the pineapple and grapes for the stem and leaves on a black tablecloth
Super Mario fire flower vegetable flower with a white bowl of ranch dip surrounded by sliced yellow pepper then grapes tomatoes with sliced green pepper for the stem and broccoli leaves on a black tablecloth

The Cake

This was the first year that I didn’t make a cake for Ryan’s birthday party. I was going to attempt one in the shape of Mario’s head, but my father-in-law saw a Mario Kart cake at our local HEB and asked if he could get that for the party. Since it was a crazy week for us even before the party, I decided to give in this time and go with a store-bought cake. Although, Tyler says he may want a Mario birthday party this year, too, so I may get to make the cake still.

20 thoughts on “Super Easy Super Mario Themed Food”

  1. Such creative recipes! I was a big Mario fan. How lovely it would have been to have such theme food. But saving this now for my daughter.

  2. What an idea for a birthday party! I was also a Mario fan since I was 5 years old and up until now haha.. The photos of the food looks yummy. I love everything in your blog. Thank you for sharing this creative idea of yours.

  3. This looks like an epic party! I love how healthy these treats are! I grew up with mario kart so I would be super keen to try these! I will have to check for options on the peanut butter because we have a ton of friends with allergies.

    1. He had such a great time at his party, and I had so much fun putting it all together. We try to do mostly healthy snacks, but still have some sweets in there. You could easily sub the peanut butter for almond butter or sunflower butter. I knew we didn’t have anyone with allergies coming to the party.

  4. Mario was the first video games I have played, so I love all about him. The cake is simply adorable! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday, Ryan! This looks like such a wonderful celebration. Themed food is such a great way to celebrate. (BTW, I love Super Mario Bros. so much, I have two Mario-themed tattoos. Lol.)

    1. Thank you! He had a great party. We love Super Mario here, too. No tattoos, but my husband and I went to the Halloween party for his Master’s Degree Program (he has a masters in video game design!) as Mario and Peach and his brother was Luigi.

  6. Melanie williams

    Now here you have stole my heart, as a massive fan from my younger years Mario themed food sounds like a fab idea. Great for a party xx

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