Building a Raised Garden

Starting the Garden

I have been wanting to do a vegetable garden for a few years, and we finally got the chance to do it. I started planning what I wanted to grow and bought some seeds at the store. Justin and his dad went and got some wood to build my actual garden beds and we got that finished today. We put it in the corner of the yard so it is “L” shaped. I plan to put the lettuce, green onions, carrots, onion, and broccoli in rows in the longer portions, and the tomatoes in the corner section. I also want to plant some herbs, but not sure how we are going to do that yet.

We got these boards and some rebar to help hold it together, along with some liquid nail. We (and by we, I mean Justin and his dad!) offset the boards so none of the seams matched up to try to make it more stable, and then also ran the rebar through it into the ground so it won’t move. Now we need to get the calculations for how much dirt we need to fill them, order it, then I can get planting!



Building a Raised Garden Building a Raised Garden

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