Rodeo Houston and Chris Young Review

RodeoHouston & Chris Young Review

This is our third year in Texas at the time of the Rodeo. I had heard of rodeos before, talked about going to a rodeo with my friend on facebook, when one of my native Houstonian friends jumped in and said it isn’t a rodeo, we have the rodeo! And when they say “everything is bigger in Texas”, they aren’t kidding! My best friend lives a couple hours north of me, and two years ago her and her mom came down to Houston and we met them at the rodeo to see Tim McGraw in concert. Now we knew nothing about Rodeo Houston at that point, and had no idea what to expect. So we went there just in time for the concert.

Oh yeah, did I mention the amazing concert lineup they always get at Rodeo Houston? It is a country music lovers dream! If we lived closer to the stadium I would probably buy season passes to go to all the concerts. Rodeo Houston is usually about 3 weeks long and there is a different performer every night. All except for 3-4 are country performers, and big name performers. The first year I went we saw Tim McGraw. Last year we saw Kenny Chesney with some of our neighbors. This year my mother-in-law and I saw Chris Young (my current favorite). I’ve tried the last couple years to get tickets to see Luke Bryan but he sells out within minutes.

Anyways, yesterday was the first time I got to go to the rodeo and be able to walk around. We had no idea what traffic would be like, so we left our house at 2, and it took about an hour to get there, which is what we were estimating. We parked and went to the NRG Center, which is where all the vendors are set up, as well as a small arena for showing the livestock. I found one called Rusty Cowgirls Western Metal Art and loved the look of their products. They sell customized signs, so I got the letters to write out Lynch and a cowboy boot to go with it that we will hang out on the back porch.

After walking through all the shops, and near all the livestock (those are some massive cows!) we went out to grab some food, and then walked through the carnival area. We didn’t play any of the games, but I can see why so many people bring young kids and I want to bring the boys next year. One of my favorite events to watch is the Mutton Bustin’! It is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Kids age 5-6 are placed on the back of a sheep, and have to hold on as long as possible while the sheep runs, usually trying to knock the kids off. I can’t wait until Tyler and Ryan are old enough and I hope they’ll try it. In the carnival area they have a tent that they do mutton bustin’ every hour, and you can just sign up at the tent. So we stayed for an hour of that because it is just so dang cute. Everyone who participated got a prize and the winner of that round got a belt buckle (come on, this is Texas!). Here’s a video of the mutton bustin’:

Once we were done there, we headed to NRG Stadium for the main events. Before the concert starts, there is still a lot to see inside the arena. We watched some bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, roping, team roping, calf wrestling, bull riding, barrel racing, chuck wagon racing, the calf scramble, and more mutton bustin’! It always amazes me the precision that these cowboys and cowgirls have with the calf roping. I am completely impressed by the bronc riders and especially the bull riders! Those guys are whipped all over the place, hit with the horns, thrown to the ground, stepped on…. we even watched one local bull rider come so close to getting his face stepped on it was scary!

Now, onto the main event, Chris Young!! I love Chris Young’s music, he’s my current favorite singer, and he did not disappoint! He put on a great show, and you could tell he was genuinely excited to be there and performing for that crowd. He seems like such a humble, down-to-earth person and was just so much fun to watch and listen to. His band was great, I’m always impressed by those performers and the dedication that they have to their instruments. It’s rare, but I think he was even better live than he is on the radio!

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