7 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Sister

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. And even though we didn’t really get along sometimes when we were growing up, she is one of my best friends now. Yes, we have our “sister” moments of course, what siblings don’t. This is dedicated to her. It took a while to appreciate it, but here are 7 reasons I am thankful for my sister.

Always Have A Friend

No matter what happens, my sister is always there for me. Through thick and thin, we will take it together. When it feels like I am being ignored or left behind, my sister is there to remind me that I always have someone.

Share Secrets

We both know the rule, we can keep each other’s secrets, except from our husbands. We both understand that “don’t tell anyone” doesn’t include them since we tell each other everything. But besides that, I know if I tell her something, she will keep it secret. If I tell her how I am feeling, what I am thinking, it stays between us.

Steal Clothes

Ok, I will admit, even though I am the older sister, it’s usually me stealing her clothes. Sometimes it’s intentional, others not so much. Sometimes she doesn’t realize I have a shirt until she catches me wearing it!

Protect Each Other

You mess with my sister, you mess with me. That’s just part of being sisters and friends. We have each other’s back. No matter what.

Family Drama

Every family has drama. Everyone had times that someone in the family drives them nuts. Having a sister, I have someone who understands our crazy family and we love each other through it. I love my family, but at times I just need someone to vent to.

Answer Crazy Texts

This one is more on my sister. Especially during her first pregnancy, she would text me at all hours with some of the craziest questions. But of course, I answered. And even though I can’t think of any right now, I’m sure there have been times that I text her in the middle of the night.

Aunt To My Kids

Maybe best of all, my sister is a wonderful aunt to my children. She truly cares about my boys just as I love her boys. It’s great to know that my boys will always have their aunt there for them.

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