The Best Posts of 2017

2017 has been a big year for me on my blog. I started the blog back in 2016 but actually got serious about it this year. I have spent some money on the blog and finally, have started to see a return on it.

I also had a shift in my posts and decided on a niche for the blog, so some of these posts don’t fit with the current theme. I found that I most enjoy writing about my recipes and everything related to the kitchen, so now that’s my focus.

This list is my top-viewed posts for the year based on the number of page views. It’s everything except for recipes, that will be another list.

How to Get Organized with the Perfect Day PlannerHow to Get Organized with the Perfect Day Planner

Finding the perfect day planner is tough. Consider what you would use it for, and what you want from it. These are a few must-haves for me.

Count the Kicks: Ryan’s Birth Story

Myth: Babies slow down near the end of pregnancy. Babies do NOT slow down. Make sure you are counting the kicks and be aware of changes!

17 Essential Tools for Bloggers

Essential Tools for Bloggers

Every blog is different, but there are some tools that are essential to getting your blog off the ground and running successfully.

How to Help Kids who get Car Sick

How to Help Kids who get Car Sick

Getting car sick is never fun. It’s worse when it’s your children and you don’t know how to help. We were given great advice to pass along.

7 Quick & Easy Steps to Perfect Cooking Workflow

When it comes to cooking, it helps to have a workflow that you go to every time you make a meal to maximize the quality of food you cook.

When it comes to cooking, it helps to have a workflow that you go to every time you make a meal to maximize the quality of food you cook.

7 Ways to Totally Fail at Cooking

Cooking can be overwhelming, but as long as you don’t do these 7 things, you should be able to make a new meal for you and your family!

9 Things I Wish I Packed for Post Partum Recovery

Postpartum recovery is not easy. My first time, I overpacked, but still felt I was missing these 9 essential items to make the stay easier.

How to Make Your Own Giving Plate

How to Make Your Own Giving Plate

The Giving Plate has no owner. It’s enjoyed, refilled, and passed to the next person. Find out how easy it is to make your own giving plate.

30 Day Organization Challenge for the Entire House

30 Day Organizing Challenge for the Entire Home

30 days of small tasks that add up to one organized home. Get your home organized and clean with this 30 day home organization challenge.

The Ultimate Food Blogger’s Christmas List

The Ultimate Food Blogger's Christmas List

There are some people who are difficult to shop for. If you’re shopping for a food blogger, check out these ideas for holiday gifts.

5 Reasons I Hated Being Pregnant

I hated being pregnant for many reasons, mostly how it made me feel. Who else is with me? What did you hate (or maybe love) about being pregnant?

Hurricane Prep Overview

Hurricane Prep Overview

As hurricane season starts, it’s important to take time to make sure that you and your family are prepared in the event a storm threatens.

7 Favorite Organizing Products for the Kitchen

7 Favorite Organizing Products for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home so show it some love with these easy and cheap kitchen organization products.

Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom

Harry Potter Bedroom

Step into the Gryffindor Common Room with this Harry Potter themed bedroom decor, perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages!

The Most Common Ways to Cut Vegetables + Their Meanings

The Most Common Ways to Cut Vegetables + Their Meanings

When reading an ingredient list, there are often instructions to slice, chop, dice, or mince, but what is the difference in these cuts?

The Best Posts of 2017 The Best Posts of 2017

31 thoughts on “The Best Posts of 2017”

  1. My gosh, it sounds like you have had such an exciting year! I see so many helpful posts here. I particularly like the posts about cooking and organizing!

  2. AscendingButterfly

    I love the giving plate idea and I would really LOVE to try that one out! The giving plate becomes sort of a nomad doesn’t it? I need to figure out whether or not I have time to get a recap post up as this week is particularly busy for me, but it is always fun to revisit old posts, thankfully facebook does that for me with the Shared Memories Feature where you can go back a few years to the day’s date.

    I hate organizational challenges as I am super space deprived. It’s something I need to get better at in 2018.

  3. superpowerssoldseparately

    This is an excellent round up!! I’m going to have to check out the 30 Day Organizing Challenge, because that is something I seriously need to get in order.


    This is such a fun roundup of your year of blogging! I need to check out the Harry Potter bedroom post for my son!!

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