Pan Fried Pork with Brown Gravy

Pan Fried Pork with Brown Gravy

Coat pork chops in flour with seasonings and pan fry them for a quick and easy meal. Add more flavor with homemade brown gravy over it all.

Un-Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

Un-Stuffed Pork Chops

A quick, easier alternative to traditional stuffed pork chops recipe. Un-stuffed pork chops cook faster and taste just as delicious!

Classic BLT Sandwich

Classic BLT Sandwich

BLT. Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. A simple sandwich that can be made quickly and keep you full for hours. Perfect for lunch or an easy dinner.

Sheet Pan Ranch Pork & Potatoes

Sheet Pan Ranch Pork and Potatoes

Use just one pan to make this delicious, simple meal of pork and potatoes with ranch seasonings. Easy to cook, easy to clean, perfect weeknight meal.

Asian Pork Salad

Ground pork cooked in a ginger and sesame oil sauce over a bowl of lettuce makes a great quick and easy weeknight meal for the whole family.

Super Easy Marinated Baked Pork Recipe

Super Easy Marinated Baked Pork

Pork can be a versatile meat that can be cooked many different ways. Make this marinade with common ingredients to up your pork dinner.

Tomato Caper Pork Recipe

Tomato Caper Pork

Bake a basic pork loin topped with a mixture of sun-dried tomato butter and capers to make a delicious pork dinner.