The Perfect Mix & Match Food Guide

The Perfect Mix and Match Food Guide

I have a wonderful guest post for you today from Georgia at She has put together a guide to which foods are the best to mix together, and which combinations to avoid to give you optimal food digestion! You can find her on her blog or on twitter @GeorgiaSelih

Perfect Mix and Match Food Guide

When you think about using energy, the first thing that comes to mind is physical activity. But did you know that digesting food also requires energy? In fact, on average, 10% of your daily energy expenditure is used for digesting and absorbing food. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that sometimes after a meal you feel bloated and tired. However, although these feelings are fairly common, they may also suggest that your digestion is slow and ineffective. One of the best ways to cope with this is to streamline your digestive process with proper food combinations. Here are some recommended rules for combining food to help you with that.

The Perfect Mix & Match Food Guide

Don’t combine fruits with anything

There is nothing better and healthier than starting your day with a juicy fruit or a fruit salad. However, you shouldn’t combine fruits with any other food groups. They are digested much faster than any other food, this may create a confusion in your digestive system. Because of the same reason, you shouldn’t eat fruits right after you had lunch. The only time when it is ok to combine fruits with other foods, such as healthy fats from chia seeds, is when you blend them together into a smoothie. Since it is best eaten on an empty stomach, fruit should be your choice for breakfast.

Avoid the common protein combining traps

Red meat and white potatoes are one of the most common food combinations. However, red meat is a protein and potatoes are starches, and proteins should be combined with non-starchy vegetables because they need an acidic environment to be properly digested. A good combination for lunch or dinner, in that case, would be a meal that consists of chicken, kale, and mashed cauliflower, for example.

The Perfect Mix & Match Food Guide

Combine starches and vegetables with healthy fats

Starches (quinoa, brown rice) and starchy veggies (potatoes) need an alkaline environment for digestion. Because of that, they go very well together. A good example of this combination is a meal prepared with avocados, quinoa, and potato. These foods are great sources of fiber, which makes them essential for promoting healthy cholesterol. They are also significant sources of antioxidants, so they’ll keep your skin young and glowing.

There are foods that can be combined with everything

With some foods, you simply don’t have to think about combination rules because they go well with everything. Those are leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables (asparagus, celery, cauliflower, etc.). So, when in doubt, simply choose healthy fat, protein or starch and combine them. Besides being neutral, leafy greens are known to lower-cholesterol, preserve eyesight and bone health.

Herbs, spices, and citrus are always welcome

Just like leafy greens and non-starchy veggies, herbs, spices, and citrus fruits are considered neutral, so they can be combined with everything. Ginger is especially good for detox and lemon is great for treating constipation and preventing obesity.

The fewer the better

When you have doubts about combining different ingredients, you should keep in mind that the fewer ingredients you mix together – the better. Minimalist meals are much easier to digest and are simple to make. For example, a filling breakfast which includes eggs, spinach and mushrooms is delicious, but also healthy.

The Perfect Mix & Match Food Guide

Don’t forget about these rules when you’re not in control

It is quite easy to forget about the rules of food combining when eating in a restaurant or ordering food. However, most of the restaurants and good catering services offer you the possibility to choose food combinations, so that when you are ordering food for a party, you can always order a combination of meat protein and non-starchy veggies, such as beef salad with snow peas.

Be careful with water

Although water is undoubtedly healthy, when it comes to food combining, it makes sense to avoid large sips of cold water alongside your meals, because it can dilute your digestive fluids and thus slow down your digestion. Instead, you can drink water aside from your meals, drink a few sips of lukewarm water with your meals or have a glass of lemon water about twenty minutes before every meal to stimulate better digestion. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to the lemon water will additionally improve your digestion.

The best thing about this approach to your diet is that you don’t have to renounce any of the food groups you like. You can still eat everything, but not at the same time.

Georgia Selih is author By nature an artist, by profession a journalist. An irreparable print lover who is enjoying this hot digital affair.

The Perfect Mix & Match Food GuideThe Perfect Mix & Match Food Guide

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  1. This post is an eye opener for me. Thanks for all the food tips! I could really use these. I definitely think that when it comes to healthy food, the more simple the recipe, the better.

  2. This makes a lot of sense. I tend to throw fruit into my oats each morning but taking time to make a smoothie wouldn’t be so bad. I love your idea of pairing red meat with cauli mash. Way healthier!

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