Never Forget September 11

Never Forget, September 11

As a nation, I think we were dumbfounded by what happened that fateful day on September 11. How did this happen? Why? Who would do this?

2016 Garden Update #11

Well we did some pruning this week in the garden. The grass was growing in thick again, so we decided to take the time to clean the garden out. Though we didn’t stop with the grass, we also pulled out the tomato plant because it was dying, and we also pulled all of the lettuce …

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Just Because I Had a C-Section Doesn't Mean I didn't Give Birth

Just Because I Had A C-Section Doesn’t Mean I Didn’t Give Birth

No matter what way you give birth, whether vaginal or cesarean, induced or naturally occurring, drug-free or with epidural, it doesn’t matter, you still gave birth. You still had a baby. You still did it. You are a warrior. You are amazing. You are a powerful woman.

2016 Garden Update #10

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get outside today to even get my garden update photos. It has been raining here for almost a week straight. We have breaks here and there, but there’s been rain every day. The boys have hated being so cooped up in the house (and so have I), …

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License Plate Decoration

License Plate Decoration

An easy way to hang multiple license plates on the wall without creating too many holes…. tie them together to make a wall banner!

2016 Garden Update #9

I am going to try to do a biweekly update on the garden, unless something comes up that I feel worth sharing at that time. We still need to get the grass out of the garden. I haven’t had time. Not long after we got home from Florida I then left for California for a …

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2016 Garden Update #8

Well I have been out of town for almost two weeks, and my garden didn’t fare so well in that time. Or at least the herbs didn’t. We set the sprinklers so the backyard would come on for about 10 minutes every afternoon, but it must not hit the herb garden as well as I …

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Banana BreadBanana Bread covered with oats on a slate serving plate next to a brown towel and a bread knife on a wooden surface (with logo overlay)

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