Don’t Delete That Photo

Don’t Delete That Photo

If you delete every photo that you don’t look ‘your best’ in, then you won’t have very many photos for your children to look back on one day.

2016 Garden Update #13

Ok, well, there isn’t much of a garden to update on at this point. Earlier this week we all went out and pulled everything in the garden except for the celery since it is still growing well, and the pepper plants (mostly because my father-in-law wanted to grab some and try to grow them in …

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My Husband Doesn't Babysit

My Husband Doesn’t Babysit

Since when did it become a ‘nice thing’ for daddy to watch his own children? Why doesn’t anyone say it’s a ‘nice thing’ that I watch the boys?

Happy First Housiversary to us!

After being in our home for one year, it’s fun to go back and look at the photos from when we moved in to now and see all the changes.

2016 Garden Update #12

Ok, ok, I’m a slacker. The garden is getting overgrown again. It’s just still so dang hot outside I don’t want to go out there and spend the time it takes to tend to the garden. Besides, in a month we are going to be completely redoing the backyard including redoing the vegetable garden, so …

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Banana BreadBanana Bread covered with oats on a slate serving plate next to a brown towel and a bread knife on a wooden surface (with logo overlay)

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