Fruit cups with spoon in front with logo on bottom

Frozen Fruit Cups

Frozen Fruit Cups are so great for the heat of summer! Well, they are great anytime, but especially when it’s warm outside, and are so easy!

2016 Garden Update #9

I am going to try to do a biweekly update on the garden, unless something comes up that I feel worth sharing at that time. We still need to get the grass out of the garden. I haven’t had time. Not long after we got home from Florida I then left for California for a …

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2016 Garden Update #8

Well I have been out of town for almost two weeks, and my garden didn’t fare so well in that time. Or at least the herbs didn’t. We set the sprinklers so the backyard would come on for about 10 minutes every afternoon, but it must not hit the herb garden as well as I …

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I'm a Cat Person, Get Over It!

I’m a Cat Person, Get Over It!

I am a cat person, I don’t like dogs. It’s not strange, it’s just who I am. Why is it such a big deal that I don’t like dogs?

Banana Bread

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