No I Will Not Be Trying For A Girl

No I Will NOT Be ‘Trying’ For A Girl

I have two boys. Two wonderful, loving, crazy, caring boys. And I am DONE! My boys are 1 and 3. I often get asked if we will be trying again, to try to get a girl. When did our society think a family isn’t complete if you don’t have at least one of each? My mom had two girls, she never felt the need to try for a boy. Then my aunt had two boys and never needed to try for a girl. My other aunt had one of each and I don’t feel like her family is any more “complete” than my family is.

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Some people think I am crazy for cutting off the option of another child at my age, but we knew and had discussed it many times that if I had to have a c-section, I would ask for a tubal as well. Whether we had two boys, two girls, one of each, it didn’t matter to us. Two children. No more, no less. That was our dream. That’s what we have. And we couldn’t be happier.

I don’t understand why people make it a business to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Who are you to tell me that I “need a girl”? And for that matter, why is it anyone else’s business how many children someone has? I have friends with all number of children. Some of my friends don’t have any children and don’t want children. Other friends only have one child and don’t want any more. Still other friends are happy with their two, three, four. I know someone who has seven children and they are perfectly happy with that.

Will I miss some of the girl experiences? Yes. I would love to have a daughter to do the girly, princess thing. Ideally we would have a total Gilmore Girl relationship. I would have enjoyed things like Girl Scouts. But that’s not what’s meant to be. And I’m good with that.

But do I feel like I am missing out without a girl? No. Absolutely not. I love my boys, I love everything about them. We play trains and trucks and race cars and wrestle. They love to dig in the dirt and help in the garden. We color and paint and cook together. They are amazing!

So when people ask, I very proudly tell them, “No, I will not be trying for a girl.” Because let’s face it, even if I did, I’d probably have another boy anyways!

Maybe I’ll just hold out for my sister or my best friend to have a girl!


No I Will Not Be Trying For A Girl No I Will Not Be Trying For A Girl

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