Master Bathroom Makeover for Under $300

Master Bathroom Makeover for Under $300

I have spent the last couple weeks really giving our master bathroom a facelift. When I posted our Happy Housiversary post with all the before/after photos of our home and what we have done, I was really reminded of just how much I hate the master bathroom. My dream for that bathroom would cost a whole lot more than we want to spend right now, because it would include taking out the tub, making that a shower, putting a vanity where the shower is, new tile, and completely redoing the cabinets/counters/sinks. So, I did what I could with what I have to work with.

Justin and I spent a little time trying to figure out what color we could do that would match the elements that aren’t changing (mainly the tile and granite top), and still be something that we would be happy with. We decided that a nice light grey color (gravity by Valspar) would complement the black and white countertop, and would mostly match with the tile. It wasn’t a perfect match to the tile, but really, I don’t know what would match that tile in there. So that was early on a Saturday morning. I took Ryan with me and we went to the store and bought the paint, some rollers, brushes, painters tape, and a new shower caddy because we really needed one. The boys “helped” me with the taping, which took a lot longer than I thought (it always does), then we took a break for dinner and bedtime for the boys.


Once the boys were in bed, I got to work on painting the bathroom. I started with the trim work since that’s always the worst part, then got the walls. Luckily the paint covered really well so I only had to do one coat of paint, then touch-ups in a few places. I did get Justin’s help with some of the painting, mostly in the toilet room where I couldn’t reach the corners even on the ladder.


Tyler was very upset that he had to go to bed before I painted, so I told him I would save him an area to paint in the morning. I left this area blank, and when Ryan took his nap Tyler put on a paint shirt, helped me set up the drop cloth, and got to use the small roller to paint his section.

After I finished the walls, and we took the tape off, I noticed many spots where the paint went through the tape and got some paint on the floorboards. Not to mention how dirty and scuffed up the floorboards were anyways, so I decided to just go ahead and paint all the trim in the bathroom as well. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and made a huge difference. Now I want to go paint the trim in the rest of the house so it all looks fresh and new!


Sunday afternoon, Tyler and I went to the store to get a few matching towels, new rugs, new soap dispensers, and a few other small things to complete the bathroom.


We were very happy with how the paint came out and how the change in color really seemed to bring the bathroom together. About two weeks later, we decided that the brown cabinets still just weren’t cutting it though. Everything else seemed like it was designed well together (except that tile!), but the cabinets just stood out. I have never really cared for the builder-grade wood color cabinets anyways. So I decided that it was time to give those a facelift as well.


So painting cabinets…..not fun! Next time I do this we are hiring someone to do this. We really want to paint or stain the kitchen cabinets but I don’t think I have the patience to deal with doing that many cabinets. It was a lot of work. I took the doors and drawer off, then sanded everything. Put one coat of paint on it all. Sand. Paint. Sand. Paint. Sand….. it took either 3 or 4 coats, I lost count.

Tyler really wanted to help paint the cabinets, but I didn’t have a way for him to help with the cabinets, so I got out his paints and an extra canvas and let him paint that! Now we have it on a shelf in the playroom.


It took me about 3 or 4 days, but I got the cabinets all painted and put back together. We also added some cabinet pulls leftover from when we added them to the kitchen and I feel like it really completes the look.

The last thing we wanted to do is put a frame around the mirror. We’ve done this before in our old home in Orlando and in the boy’s bathroom here. We bought some trim and painted it with the same paint that I used for the floorboards and the cabinets. We cut the corners at a 45 degree angle and then used some liquid nail to adhere them to the mirror, then put some painters tape on to help hold them up while it dries.


Once everything dried, we took the tape off and looks amazing!!


I finally don’t hate our bathroom!! It feels so nice to have this done!

Overall, this whole bathroom makeover costs me less than $300. I bought two gallons of paint, rollers, a brush, and some drop cloths on my first trip to the store, which was about $150. Then I spent another $100 getting the towels, rugs, and small accessories. Another trip to the store for the trim around the mirror, and the liquid nail to hang it up with. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I know it ended up costing us less than $300 to give this bathroom a makeover!


Master Bathroom Makeover for Under $300 Master Bathroom Makeover for Under $300

6 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Makeover for Under $300”

  1. Stephanie,
    This makeover is fabulous. Please post the colors and the manufacturer of the paint you used. I have 2 bathrooms that I’ll be remodeling this winter and may need moral support. Or you could visit me…hmmm..I’m working on a plan.

    1. We always use the Valspar paint + primer from Lowes. The grey color is called Gravity (4005-1B). The white was done with a color match on an extra piece of trim that was at the house, so I don’t really have a color for that. It’s a high-gloss latex paint. Hope that helps!!
      I am always here for moral support 🙂 I spent some time on pinterest looking at master bathrooms and searched grey bathrooms when we decided that was the color we want and it gave me some ideas as well! Good luck with your remodel.

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