7 Life Hacks That I Have Found Appropriate for Toddlers

7 “Life Hacks” That I Have Found Appropriate For Toddlers

I see posts all the time that have “life hacks”. And while some of them do make sense, other’s seem a little over the top. I have found some great ones that are appropriate for having toddlers in the house.

life hacks

Clear Shower Liner

Use two shower rods in the bathroom and hang a clear shower liner on the inside, and your shower curtain on the outside. When the kids are taking a bath, keep the liner shut to keep all the water in the tub, but since the liner is clear you can still see them to keep watch.
tub life hacks

Tension Rod for Tub Toys

Another trick for the bathroom/tub is to put a tension rod just above the edge of the tub on the inside (see above photo), and use shower curtain rings with plastic baskets to hold the toys. This lets them dry out better, and keeps them contained especially if we have people staying at the house and they need the tub, they don’t have to worry about the toys everywhere.

Double Bed Liners for Potty Training

When potty training, get two good bed liners. Make the bed with a bed liner, then fitted sheet, then bed liner, then another fitted sheet on top. This way, when there is an accident in the middle of the night, you only have to strip the bed and everyone can get back to sleep. It doesn’t take as long to strip two layers and have the next ready as it does to go and have to put another set of layers back on the bed.

Morning Routine

Kids coming out of their rooms too early? Get a digital clock for their room. If they are old enough to tell time, teach them they have to stay in the room until whatever time you set. If they are too young to know the time, then cover the minutes on the clock with a notecard showing the hour they are allowed to get up. For example, Tyler is allowed to come out of his room at 7am, so I covered the minutes with a card that has the number 7, so when they match, he knows he can come out. He has since learned the number 7, and it has become his favorite number, except when it’s 7pm and that means it’s bedtime!
clock life hacks

Vehicle “Spot”

Keep the older child from wandering while strapping the younger one in by giving them “their spot” on the vehicle. For us, it works well that the gas tank is on the side that Ryan’s seat is, so that is Tyler’s spot to keep his hand. Also, he started to like to climb in under Ryan’s rear-facing car seat and get in the vehicle because he “climbs in like a tunnel”. I like that even better since it puts him in the vehicle. Climbing in like a tunnel is also great when it’s raining because it gets him out of the rain, and I will reach from the front seat to strap him in so we don’t get as wet.

Scary Spray

Make ‘scary spray’ for kids if they are afraid of something. One night our cat accidentally got locked in Tyler’s room and when she started pawing at the door he freaked out. After that, for about a month or two he would scream a terrified scream anywhere from 1-20 minutes after laying down. I got a small spray bottle, put some lavender oil in it, then filled the rest with water. It was Tyler’s scary spray. I told him that the good smell made the scary things go away. It took a few days, but it started to work. Now he is over it and we don’t have to do it. The boys stayed a few nights at my parents house over the summer when this was going on. My mom didn’t have lavender oil, so she just sprayed febreeze in his room!

Sneaky Veggies

Smoothies are a great way to hide vegetables, green, and other good things for kids, and they love them! My boys get so excited when we make smoothies. We load them up with fruits, veggies, flax seeds, and chia seeds and they have no idea!

Sure, there are many other “hacks” out there, but these have been the most useful for us and our family. What other ideas do you have or have you tried that worked? What did I miss that has been a lifesaver for your family? And what of these do you think will work for your family?


7 Life Hacks That I Have Found Appropriate for Toddlers 7 Life Hacks That I Have Found Appropriate for Toddlers

3 thoughts on “7 “Life Hacks” That I Have Found Appropriate For Toddlers”

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  2. I love all of these!! I never thought of the clear shower liner but that is an awesome idea!
    My son also likes to crawl under his sister’s rear facing seat to get to his so it made me laugh that yours does too. Silly kids!

    1. Oh my gosh, the clear liner makes such a difference! I miss it when we go out of town and have to bathe them somewhere else!! And yes, the tunnel! Now my youngest likes to put his feet up to make a tunnel since he is forward facing.

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