#KitchenPhotoChallenge - Instagram Challenge and Giveaway

#KitchenPhotoChallenge – Instagram Challenge and Giveaway

Instagram is a visual platform for people to come together and share their lives with others. It can be a great way to build a community, find inspiration, and keep up with others. And, have you seen the number of food photos on there? Well, let’s add to it!

Son Shine Kitchen is hosting a #KitchenPhotoChallenge as a fun way to interact with each other. I want to see what you are up to in the kitchen, and it’s a great way for me to share behind-the-scenes photos with you, too.

3 Easy Steps:

How It Works

The challenge will run for two weeks (May 1-14) with a different prompt for each day. Some are specific, some are abstract. I want to see your take on the word, and see what you come up with.

Share a photo on Instagram inspired by the day’s prompt. It doesn’t have to fit the exact meaning, so get creative and have fun! We aren’t looking for those who use professional cameras and perfect lighting. The challenge is meant as a way for you to see your kitchen in a new way.

The Giveaway

In addition to having a fun challenge, I will also be giving away my new digital cookbook: One Pan 30 Minute Meals. This is a $10 value and includes 20 recipes, with all future updates included for free. The price will go up as the number of recipes in the book increases, but you will be in it for life!

Join the Challenge

The challenge starts on May 1st and runs through May 14th. The winner will be announced on or before May 30.

Join the Challenge

Once you join the challenge, you will be signed up to receive daily emails with a reminder of the day’s prompt. This will also sign you up to receive my weekly newsletter with the recipes that have been posted throughout the week and a look at what is coming in the following week.

Starting the Challenge

On May 1, you will receive an email with the daily prompt. I will also post them on my Instagram, so you will have a few reminders. Post your photo anytime throughout the day for one entry into the giveaway. If you post every day during the challenge, you have 14 entries.

Make sure to:

  • Follow SonShineKitchen on Instagram here
  • Tag @sonshinekitchen in your posts
  • Use #sonshinekitchen and #kitchenphotochallenge
  • Sign up for the email prompts which is also your entry into the giveaway

At the end of the challenge, we will add up all of the entries and do a random drawing for one person to win the One Pan 30 Minute Meals Digital Cookbook.

Bonus Entries

There are a few ways to gain bonus entries into the giveaway.

  • Follow Son Shine Kitchen on Facebook here
  • Follow Son Shine Kitchen on Twitter here
  • Bonus point for each photo that includes any recipes from Son Shine Kitchen
  • Share the challenge on your personal Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

If you already follow, then mark that as complete and it will be verified.

Final Entry Count

At the end of the challenge, you will be sent an email with a survey to answer with how many of the days you added a photo with the correct prompt, hashtags, and tags, as well as any bonus entries you may have earned.

You will have 3 days to send the email back for it to count towards the giveaway. Please note that everything will be verified once a winner is chosen.

The Fine Print

As with any challenge and giveaway, there’s always the fine print.

  • When you sign up for the challenge emails, you are also consenting to receive the Son Shine Kitchen weekly newsletter. You may unsubscribe from it at any time.
  • To win, you must still have an active email with Son Shine Kitchen and the email must be valid.
  • Winners will be notified, via email, no later than May 30th.
  • No purchase is necessary and a purchase does not increase your chances of winning.
  • This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram or anyone else. It is solely being run by Son Shine Kitchen.
#KitchenPhotoChallenge - Instagram Challenge and Giveaway

24 thoughts on “#KitchenPhotoChallenge – Instagram Challenge and Giveaway”

  1. This sounds like an amazing contest that is soon going to happen. My aunt is an amazing cook and share her recipes regularly on Instagram. Will share this post with her. And obviously people are lucky to get your cookbook as a gift. Good luck for your event.

  2. Oh what a fun challenge!! I’d love to participate, but in honesty, my IG is beauty related on the grid, I post my kitchen and other random stuff on my IG stories, would that count? I guess not…

    1. I understand! I’ve seen challenges like this but my business one is only food related. I will use my personal account for these things if I really want to do it but it doesn’t align with my business.

  3. This challenge would be so very fun! I absolutely love to use Instagram to showcase photos so this is something I would enjoy.

  4. Melanie williams

    This sounds like a super fun foodie challenge for sure. Always good to play around at photoing food xx

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