Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

I have a wonderful post for you today, written by Emma Joyce, about a few things to consider if you are remodeling or just redecorating your kitchen. My kitchen is wonderful, but I would love to remodel it one day or design my own!

No matter how good a cook you are – cooking is fun, exciting and, above all, healthy! That’s why you need to explore new recipes as often as possible and find a way to incorporate at least one of them into your daily menu. However, making magic behind the stove is hard if you’re stuck with a kitchen that’s too tiny and lacking adequate appliances and devices that help you turn your culinary ideas into reality. Therefore, if your kitchen is in a desperate need of a remodel, here are a couple of suggestions that might elevate its functionality and practicality to a whole new level and finally give you an inspiring and modern kitchen you’ve always dreamt of.

Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

Enough storage space

This is the most important thing every modern kitchen needs, regardless of its size and spatial organization. If you want to prepare lots of different dishes, you simply need enough space for all your pots, pans, plates and cutlery, and it’s much better to keep these things organized in cabinets instead of scattering them all around the kitchen. That way, you’ll always know where everything is and you’ll be able to find it in a matter of seconds instead of searching for the right pan in the middle of cooking your pasta.

Luckily, even the smallest kitchens can house a number of essential items and you can make the most of every inch you have by keeping your pantry organized, using open shelves, exploring vertical space and storing some of the things you use less frequently in the dining room instead.

Get some help

Designing, decorating and equipping your kitchen is a tiring and time-consuming process, so you should try to get all the help you can if you want it to go smoothly and effortlessly. Talk to your friends whose kitchens you like and ask them for advice – you never know whether the contractor who was in charge of their remodeling is available at the moment and able to work the same magic at your place as well!

Also, don’t forget to hire a few reliable professionals who will take care of the more complex things for you. Wanting to do everything on your own is quite all right and will save you a ton of money, but there are a few areas you should stay away from. Installing a reliable and safe gas connection is one of these things, and you should always contact professionals with proper experience in this field instead of meddling yourself – you may be able to do it right, but these people are experts, so you can trust them with your kitchen.

Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

Find your style

Modern kitchens come in a variety of styles and you’re free to choose among contemporary, minimalist, industrial, transitional, Tuscan and eclectic, depending on your preferences and favorite colors, patterns, and materials. What’s even better is that you can do basically whatever you want when you’re renovating your kitchen and combine the influences of different styles into one coherent mixture.

The best way to find your style is browsing through pictures of various styles online and seeing which one appeals to you the most. All of them are defined by predominant colors and combinations, and chances are you’ll find at least one that seems suitable for your home and your personal taste. Once you do that, organize your kitchen that way, and your food will become more delicious immediately!

Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

While some people don’t think kitchens are supposed to be decorated in the same way as living rooms and bedrooms, you don’t have to agree with that – moreover, kitchens are an equally important part of your home, so why not make them just as beautiful and inviting? Adding a few personal touches here and there is just going to remind you who you’re cooking for and why it’s important to make your meals healthy and nutritious, so don’t be afraid to display family photos on the fridge or hang them on the walls. In the end, you can paint one of your walls with chalk paint and write your lunch menu there every single day – or even let your kids do it and have some fun in the kitchen as well!

Emma BJoyce is a blogger based in AustraliaShe is a true home decor and DIY fanaticEmma is also a mum who likes to spend her free time with her daughter. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is an editor-in-chief at Smooth Decorator.

You can find Emma on social media at and

Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

13 thoughts on “Inspiring and Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home”

  1. I have to admit, I currently have my dream kitchen! I adore it. It’s clean, white, neat and has wonderful light that comes in through a HUGE window that looks out to our pool/back yard. It’s heavenly in my opinion 🙂

  2. Pretty soon, my family and I will be moving to a new place. I am saving this post to help me decorate my kitchen.

  3. All of these kitchens are so beautiful! That’s part of my problem when designing or redecorating – I love it all!

  4. This Kitchen Design Ideas looks very comfortable perfect goals. unique kitchen design ideas! it looks cool and comfortable. I love the color blue kitchen ideas <3

  5. Designing always gets me overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start. So this was helpful. I especially love the second one – it’s bright and airy, yet warm.

  6. Great (guest) post, Stephanie! These kitchens are so beautiful. I am so excited to see our new kitchen in about a month, after the flooring from our (May!) flooding is replaced and everything is put back together. We’ll still have the somewhat-dated-looking 1980s oak cabinets, but I put new hardware on them a few years ago, and with last week’s fresh sunny coat of paint, it will look gorgeous compared to the old version. YES on all the tips here. Fortunately, one of our top priorities when buying this house was a super-functional kitchen with plenty of storage and functional workspace, so we’ve already got that part down! 🙂

  7. I really need a new kitchen makeover. The first one is my favorite because it has a lot of space for my things and I love the clean light look.

  8. Hi Stephanie. Wonderful stylish kitchen designs! I have plans to arrange my new kitchen in a new house so your post is very helpful to me.

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