How to Make a DIY Coffee Bar

How to Make a DIY Coffee Bar for Your Kitchen

Repurposing furniture in your home is a great way to get started on a DIY Coffee Bar. It’s great for entertaining and organization.

Way back in January, Justin and I made a trip to IKEA. We were looking for a few things for our new game room and also props for photographing recipes. While we were there, a cute French Press kept standing out to me. Every time I saw one in a setup, I liked it. And I don’t even drink coffee. But by the time we got to the warehouse area and I saw it was less than $10 I had to have it. When Justin asked why I told him I was going to do a DIY Coffee Bar in the kitchen.

At first, he wasn’t convinced. I had to search for some ideas on Google and Pinterest to show him other coffee station ideas. Finally, he agreed, reluctantly. So, we bought the French Press. And the project began to add our own little coffee shop corner to the dining room. 

While I started this before COVID, we really got into it when we were at home. We did a lot of DIY projects over the last year around the house. Justin has always worked from home, and his dad teaches ROTC in high school which meant he was teaching from home with a lot of extra time on his hands, too.

How to Make a DIY Coffee Bar

It was great to get all of our coffee essentials in one area. I love the amount of counter space it opened up in our kitchen, too. It’s a perfect place to serve coffee or tea when we have friends over. 

Originally Published On: December 9, 2020

Last Updated On: December 19, 2023

Where is the Best Place for a Coffee Bar?

You can add your own coffee bar anywhere in your home. It’s just a dedicated space for all of your coffee needs. It’s perfect if you have a small kitchen because you can move these out of that area. It gives easy access to others who are visiting to get their own coffee. You can also add a coffee area to a home office or a breakfast nook. I’ve even seen people have them in the living room or a master bedroom for an early morning wake up. 

The perfect spot will depend on the layout of your home as well as when and where you like to drink your coffee. Coffee lovers tend to have very specific coffee needs, so keep yours in mind as you plan your DIY coffee station. 


Just after Christmas, we helped the boys rearrange their rooms. Ryan got a desk for Christmas, so we needed to make space for that. When we did this, we decided that his old dresser needed to come out of there. His room was changing from dark brown to white furniture. But the dresser was still good, so I didn’t want to get rid of it. This was the dresser that both boys had as a baby.

So, I moved the dresser to the dining room. And the metal wine bar cart that was there got moved to our bedroom closet for extra storage. This was the first step in starting our DIY Coffee Bar.

It’s great having the drawer because we store all of the coffee pods and accessories in the drawer. Otherwise, you can get a tiered tray to hold your coffee pods. 

How to Make a DIY Coffee Bar

Do you need fancy furniture? Absolutely not! I love how this dresser looks in there. You can always get a hutch that’s made for a dining room. But I prefer using what we have so we aren’t spending as much money. Reusing furniture saves money and you can make things work in small spaces. 

Once that was in place, we started brainstorming what the rest would look like. I sketched out a simple box-shaped open shelving unit for the wall with a mug rack at the bottom. That was given to Justin and his dad who made it a reality for me. It was simple, but it looks nice on the wall.


Once the boxed shelf was in place, it was time to decorate. I took Tyler with me to our local Home Goods store to have a look around. He picked out a few signs that said “coffee” and “tea” on them. Then we found a few pieces to match those, including two canisters. One canister has coffee beans in it and the other has tea bags. 

When we were at IKEA, we bought a table runner and some white coffee mugs to go with the French Press. I knew I wanted a bit of color on the dresser and that’s where the runner came in. The shelf would have to be stained a dark color to match the dresser and our dining room table, so the white coffee cups were able to contrast with that. We also have a Cold Brew Coffee Maker on the shelves and I want to get an espresso machine for the area, too. 

To save money, you can also check a thrift store for some old coffee mugs that will match your decor or other mug displays. There are plenty of ways you can do this on a small budget. You can also forgo purchasing mugs and display your favorite mugs. I am just very particular and like a uniformed look so wanted matching mugs hanging on the wall for ours. 

I already had a small aloe plant in an off-white planter, so that went on top of the shelf. At this point, we were almost done. But it still seemed like it needed something to fill the vertical space above it. 

My sister has a vinyl business (you can find her on Facebook HERE) so I had her make a large sign to go above the shelf for me. I designed it and she printed it. Since we have both coffee and tea there, I wanted to incorporate both in the wording. It ended up being the focal point of the small coffee station and I love it!

Before and After

Before, it was a plain area with just a few decorative pieces on the wall. It looked nice but wasn’t very functional. Now, we have a great area for our coffee and tea.

We made the DIY Coffee Bar for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted an area to keep everything together
  2. It’s great when we have friends over to be able to easily offer coffee or tea
  3. I needed a way to use that dresser since it’s still in great shape
  4. Our coffee machine kept tripping the breaker in the kitchen so it needed to be moved somewhere on a different break
  5. That French Press was just calling my name at IKEA!
  6. I got new kitchen gadgets for Christmas and was running out of space in the cabinets so this gave more storage for our less-used items and freed up some space on the kitchen counter.

Now that the project is complete, Justin, who makes coffee part of his morning routine, thinks it was a great idea! 

Where to Purchase

A lot of things I used were repurposed or built for the space. But, many were also purchased. Since we did this ourselves, I didn’t spend a whole lot on it. Here are links to the exact pieces we have or the closest ones that are currently available:


This was purchased when I was pregnant with Tyler in 2013. It was bought at Babies R Us which is no longer in business here in the US. I looked on Amazon and this is the closest I could find. It’s white and has baskets instead of a cabinet, but it’s close. You may be better off repurposing something if you have it.


Click on the links in the list below to find the model or closest available.

Just for fun, here are a few other home projects we completed in the last year. We switched the boy’s playroom to our office. The area that was the office became a game room with a custom-made gaming table and shelves for our massive amount of board games. We added an attic access in the garage and put plywood up there for more storage. The guys built a custom workbench in the garage. Justin’s dad built a show rack that now holds all of our shoes by the garage door.

They also built a playset in the backyard that I designed for the boys including a small rock-climbing wall, tire swing, sandbox, and table. The bricks in the front of our house were mortared so they stay together around the flower beds. I also designed a “charging station” for the office that Justin’s dad built to hold all of the electronics that need to be charged instead of having a mess of cords everywhere.

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  1. Nice! We’d love to have a coffee bar too but we don’t have space. But I think we need to find one for it. We have a Nespresso, a Keurig, a french press, a moka pot, etc etc lol! You can say we love coffee 🙂

  2. This is so cute! We have a very small one. I always tell my husband in our next house I want one in our bedroom!

    1. It was pretty easy, especially since we had a lot of the pieces already around the house. It’s definitely a great way to have it all in one area and it looks nice.

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