There are so many types of chocolate chips in a variety of sizes. Recipes call for cups, the bags are in oz, what do you do?

How Many Chocolate Chips are in a Cup?

There are so many types of chocolate chips in a variety of sizes. Recipes call for cups, the bags are in oz, what do you do?

Chocolate? Yes, please! I’ve mentioned many times before that we all have a sweet tooth at my house. Therefore, we make a LOT of desserts in this house. And yes, that means we use a lot of chocolate chips. This is also why I have to be careful about how often I make them. We also like to make enough to give away to our friends, neighbors, and the boys’ teachers when we can. But, I mean, is there such a thing as too much chocolate?

When you go to the grocery stores, there are a lot of options for chocolate chips. You’ll find many different brands, different amounts of cocoa, different flavors, and different sizes. Recipes will typically tell you what size to purchase. If it doesn’t have anything specified, I go with the regular-sized chocolate chips as a default.

Recently, I’ve been purchasing the Good Life brand as I’ve been trying to cut dairy when possible. But sometimes, you just need the real thing. When I want true chocolate, I opt for Hershey’s or Nestle Toll House chocolate chips.

I’ve seen so many recipes that include chocolate chips, but there doesn’t seem to be a standard measurement. Some recipes measure in tablespoons, some in cups, and some in grams or ounces of chocolate chips.

Well, this past weekend, Justin and Tyler were on a Cub Scouts camping trip for only 4th and 5th graders, so Ryan and I sacrificed for you all and bought a few types of chocolate chips to see what we could figure out with them. We estimated how many chocolate chips are in 1 cup, how many cups of chocolate chips are really in a bag, and how many cups are really in those bags of chocolate chips.

Originally Published On: February 17, 2023

Chocolate Chips in 1 Cup

Many recipes will give you amounts based on the US cup measurements. But you don’t purchase 1 cup of chocolate chips, the bags always have ounces. Ryan and I dumped out all of the chocolate chips and use a dry cup measure and a liquid cup measure to verify the information. I know chocolate chips are part of the dry ingredients for a recipe, therefore you use a dry measuring cup, but let’s be honest, most people grab that handy dandy liquid cup with all the sizes and go from there. Remember, these aren’t precise measurements, but they have been done in multiple ways to give you the closest amount of chocolate chips in each measurement possible.

Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

The first measurement we made was the mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. They are only semi-sweet because I’ve never seen mini chocolate chips that aren’t semi-sweet.

There are a LOT of mini chocolate chips in the bag. I used it as a great math lesson for Ryan as we separated by 10s and then multiplied them together to get the full amounts in all the measurements.

2 cups2720 chips
1 cup1360 chips
3/4 cup1020 chips
1/2 cup680 chips
1/4 cup340 chips
1 TBSP85 chips
1 tsp34 chips
Pile of mini chocolate chips

Standard Chocolate Chips

Standard chocolate chips or regular chocolate chips come in a huge variety of flavors. While they may all vary slightly, those are pretty standard. This measurement will cover any chips of that same size. We did notice a difference, though, and the amounts in the bags. So Ryan and I got both milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips to get the average for both bag sizes.

2 cups800 chips
1 cup400 chips
3/4 cup300 chips
1/2 cup200 chips
1/4 cup100 chips
1 TBSP25 chips
1 tsp8 chips
Chocolate chips in a white dish

Jumbo Chocolate Chips

Jumbo chocolate chips are harder to find. We had to go to a different grocery store than our normal one to get these. I noticed that, instead of jumbo chocolate chips, many recipes call for chocolate bark or a square of chocolate.

2 cups160 chips
1 cup80 chips
3/4 cup60 chips
1/2 cup40 chips
1/4 cup20 chips
1 TBSP5 chips
1 tsp3 chips

As you can see, the jumbo chips are much bigger than the standard chips. Fitting 3 on a teaspoon was even a stretch.

White chocolate chips in a stainless steel bowl

Ounces to Cups

Since chocolate chips seem to be sold in bags of varying sizes, they all ended up with slightly different measurements. This may not seem significant, but it can change your recipe if you need a specific amount. I’m thinking of the batch cookies Tyler once wanted to make, where we would have needed multiple bags of chocolate chips. If we went purely on the fact that the 11 oz bag of chocolate chips, the 11.5 oz bag of chocolate chips, and the bag with 12 oz of chocolate chips all claim to have about 2 cups, we would have had some issues. I know sometimes it can be due to the size of the chips, but there has to be a better way for them to label these bags.

After counting the chocolate chips, we started weighing a few ways to figure out the best way to do it. First, we verified the amount on a digital kitchen scale and the bags all came out to the weight, in ounces, they claimed to have. Then we used a liquid measuring cup to easily see which line it came up to when pouring the entire bag in. Since that is in US fluid ounces and fluid cups, we knew it might be slightly off. Last, we then moved them to dry measuring cups to verify the amounts and it ended up being the same. So, in this case, the easy way was still correct. Just know that won’t always be the case when measuring for recipes.

Mini Chocolate Chips

When purchasing these, all we had at the store was a 12-ounce bag of chocolate chips. On the bag, it says it’s about 2 cups worth so that’s what we wanted to test. We found that a 12 oz package of mini chocolate chips does indeed contain 2 cups worth of chocolate chips.

122 cups
61 cup
4.53/4 cup
31/2 cup
1.51/4 cup
0.3751 TBSP
0.1251 tsp
Mini chocolate chips in a white dish

Standard Chocolate Chips

We moved on to the regular-size chocolate chips next. I was curious to see how the measurement held up since the bag is smaller in ounces but claims to have the same number of cups of chocolate chips. The only size we could find to purchase for milk chocolate chips was 11.5 oz. I also had white chocolate chips since they were in a different-sized bag to really test this theory. That bag said only 11 oz of chips yet 2 cups.

Again, we measured in multiple ways and found that the 11.5 oz bag really had 1 7/8 cup of chocolate chips and the 11 oz bag had 1 3/4 cup. There was not a full 2 cups in either bag. So I added enough to make it to 2 cups and the measurements came out the same as the mini chips. Again, when you’re making one batch of cookies this may not be a big deal. But when you need multiple bags, you start losing out on chocolate chips quickly. Yes, I know it says “about 2 cups” but most of the time, when baking, you need your crucial ingredients to be accurate measurements.

122 cups
11.51 7/8 cups
111 3/4 cups
61 cup
4.53/4 cup
31/2 cup
1.51/4 cup
0.3751 TBSP
0.1251 tsp
White chocolate chips in a pile

Jumbo Chocolate Chips

Jumbo chocolate chips come in a 12 oz bag, just like the small pieces in the mini chocolate chips bag. Ryan made his hypothesis (yes, they are going over the scientific method in class) that these would end up with the same weight chips to cup chips ratio as the mini chocolate chips. Guess what… he was correct! When weighing and measuring the chips, we found that the number of ounces in a cup was the same as the rest of the chips. There are just less pieces in a cup because of the difference in size.

122 cups
61 cup
4.53/4 cup
31/2 cup
1.51/4 cup
0.3751 TBSP
0.1251 tsp
Chocolate chips in a white dish

Types of Chocolate Chips

In addition to the size of chocolate chips, you also have a lot of options when it comes to chocolate type.

  • Bittersweet Chocolate Chips
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Semisweet Chocolate Chips
  • Milk Chocolate Chips
  • Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Mint Chocolate Chips
  • Peanut Butter Chips
  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips

Does Size Really Matter?

For some recipes, no the size doesn’t matter. But for others, the size of the chocolate chips can make a big difference in the texture and how well the recipe comes together. If you have jumbo chocolate chips when you should have used mini, there will be a larger amount of chocolate in one place, possibly making your dessert unstable. It will also change the number of chocolate chips in your dessert.

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