7 Ways to Make your House Toddler-Friendly for Visitors

If you have guests planning a visit to your house with a toddler, there are a few things you can do to make the stay easier for everyone. Of course, you don’t have to do anything. But trust me, coming from a mother of two toddlers, anything you do to make your house even slightly more toddler-friendly is greatly appreciated. That being said, there are a few ideas that would be easy things to do in preparation for toddler visitors.

Get a few toddler-friendly “non-toys”

Toddlers are easily entertained when it comes to toys. You don’t have to have a lot of actual toys at your house, just a collection of things they can play with. There are so many things you probably already have around the house that toddlers will enjoy.

Put away valuables

If you have anything low to the ground that is valuable or sentimental, put it away. Some toddlers listen well enough that they will leave things alone if asked. But accidents happen, toddlers can get rambunctious, things may break. So if you have something that is irreplaceable, err on the side of caution and put it away somewhere.

Be mindful of outlets and cords

In a newer house, chances are that your outlets are arc fault circuit interruption (AFCI) protected. This means that it’s more difficult to stick something in the outlet unless something goes in both sides. Our house has these, but I still have some outlet covers, just in case. Outlet covers are really cheap, and you could always pick some up for the room that the toddlers will be in most often, usually the living room and maybe the room they will be sleeping in. Also, look for cords, both electric cords and the cords on your blinds. Those can pose a strangulation hazard for toddlers who get curious.

Give your pets somewhere to hide

Most pets are not used to the energy and noise level of toddlers if they aren’t around them often. Try to give your pets a safe room that is off limits to the toddlers. You want your pets to not feel threatened by the children, so it helps for them to have somewhere they can hide to get away from the chaos. It may also be a good idea to move their food and water in there so they can eat in peace.

Get a few toddler-friendly snacks

Toddlers get hungry, and if they are anything like my boys, they lose all patience when they get hungry. It helps to have a few snacks on hand that are good for the toddlers. You can ask the parents what they like, or some typical standbys include crackers, raisins, goldfish, things like that.

Have a stinky diaper plan

No one likes a stinky diaper. And you definitely don’t want to be smelling it in the house. Have a plan for where you want any stinky diapers to go while your guests are there. We keep a 5 gallon bucket out back that we take all diapers to so they aren’t in the house. You can get one of these for cheap at a home improvement store. Or have an outdoor garbage can that’s easily accessible.

Lock up chemicals

Many people keep a lot of their cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. If this is an area that the toddlers will be able to get to easily, move the chemicals for a few days. It doesn’t take much for a toddler to get into them, and the results can be extremely harmful. It’s best just to keep them out of reach of the children.

Again, if you have toddlers coming to visit, you don’t have to do anything to prep your house. But just a few things, maybe an hour of time, and it will make a big difference to the parents. Any effort is always greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Make your House Toddler-Friendly for Visitors”

  1. This is a great list, and I think having something designated for toddlers to play with heads off lots of problems. They will find SOMETHING to play with, so it’s a lot easier on everyone if it’s something you’ve approved for play ahead of time!

    1. Definitely makes a difference! We try to bring a few toys with us when we go somewhere that I don’t know if they will have anything. My parents keep toys at their house, but if we go to a hotel we pack what we can.

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