3 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Women's Clothes

3 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Women’s Clothes

Shopping for women’s clothes, how do I put it….. sucks! I’ve never been much of a girly-girl, and shopping has never been a favorite thing to do, and as I’ve gotten older and had to do my own shopping, I’ve realized how much women’s clothing designers must not wear their own clothes, or at least they don’t have to deal with the clothes they make.

Standard Sizing

I can pull out three pairs of pants in my closet, and they are all different sizes. As far as I can tell, there is no standard for what a size 7 is versus a size 9. There are some pants/shorts in my closet that are a size 7 that fit me the exact same as another pair that are a size 11! Seriously, it’s a little ridiculous and makes it so hard to shop. I never know what size to start with which means extra time spent having to try on multiple sizes of the same pair of jeans. This is why I can’t shop online for clothing, unless I am getting a second pair of the exact same thing I already have (maybe in a different color) because I never know what size to choose.

Have you ever gone shopping for a guy? So easy. I know my husband’s pant size, so have no trouble getting anything for him. Why? Because men’s pants are measured and sized in inches! Imagine that, a number that makes sense. They go by waist and height measurements, then you just have to know what style. But really, much easier.

Why can’t women’s clothing go based on a measurable number, such as inches, as well? Is it because women don’t want to know what their measurements are? It’s not like you have to shout it to the world. But it would make it easier to shop. Once I got out of girls sized clothing (small, medium, large, etc.) my mom couldn’t go shopping for me because of the variance in sizes.

Functional Pockets

I think the most irritating thing about women’s pants is the lack of functional pockets. The pockets are all either too small, fake, or non-existent. The front pockets on a pair of jeans are always so small that you can’t really put anything in them. I’ve also been disappointed when I bought a pair of shorts, got them home to actually wear them (after having to try them on because the sizes are so inconsistent), and went to put my phone in my back pocket only to find out it’s a fake pocket! They designed the shorts to look like there’s a pocket, but it’s sewed shut and there isn’t an actual pocket on the inside. What good is that? It’s almost worse than the pants that don’t have any pockets on them. I flat-out refuse to buy a pair of pants/shorts if there isn’t a pocket on them.

Removable Padding

Ok, correction, the removable padding in bras and swim suits is the absolute worst! Whoever thought that would be a good idea? Must have been a man! All of my swim suits and a few of my bras have two very thing layers of fabric with a pad in between that comes out. Why would you ever want to take it out? I just don’t understand. It’s so annoying to have to fix the padding in my bra or swim suit every time I go to wear one. And if you decide to actually wash your clothes, forget about it. Half the time I find the padding loose in the washing machine, and have had some of them come apart even on the gentle cycles. Then trying to get it back in and adjusted properly through that tiny hole is not easy either, and I have fairly small hands.

So what do I do about it? I have actually sewn the padding in to many of my swim suits and bras. It’s not hard, just takes a little bit of time. Usually I will wait until I have a few of them to do, and do them all at once. First, get the padding situated in the top. Then get a needle and thread (any color, it will be on the inside so no one will see it), and very carefully go through the back lining and the pad, being careful not to go all the way through to the front. I find it best to keep a hand inside, holding the front lining away from the pad to make sure it stays that way. Go all the way around the edges of the padding until you get back to where you started, then tie it off. Now, hopefully, the padding will stay in place while you wear it and through the wash.

These are two of my tops that I sewed the removable padding into. I flipped them inside out so you can see the sew lines. If you look from the outside, you don’t see any of it because I only went through the inner layer and the padding itself.

3 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Women's Clothes 3 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Women's Clothes 3 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Women's Clothes

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Women’s Clothes”

  1. I completely agree with you about standardized sizing. It is so frustrating! That’s pretty much why I shop at the stores where I know the fit. The good news is that a ton of companies now make women’s jeans with actual measurement sizes – just like men’s pants. I can’t figure out why clothing companies can’t do that for everything?

    1. I do that same, only shop the brands/stores that I know! And I haven’t seen any women’s jeans with actual measurement sizes. Then again, I don’t even know my measurements so at this point it wouldn’t help!

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