Harry Potter Bedroom

Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom

It’s no secret that I am totally obsessed with Harry Potter. In fact, as I write this, I am listening to my spotify playlist with all of the movie soundtracks, drinking from my Harry Potter cup that’s resting on a Ravenclaw coaster that the boys got me for Mother’s Day this year. Yeah, just a little obsessed!

When I was pregnant with Tyler, we started thinking of ideas for his bedroom. Of course, there are the typical baby nursery themes, but those just weren’t right for us. Then I saw a post on facebook with a bunch of pop culture nurseries, and loved the idea. We decided that we were going to do a Gryffindor nursery for our little one. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl at the time, but either way the baby was going to Hogwarts! My sister asked once, “What if this baby isn’t a nerd?” and my mom replied, “With Justin and Stephanie as parents, you know it will be!”

Some friends and family weren’t so sure about the idea of a Gryffindor Common Room for a nursery, but we started having all kinds of ideas, and went with it. When we moved into our house in Texas, Tyler was very into Cars, Lightning McQueen, and Tow Mater, so we did his bedroom aligned with that. Ryan got the Harry Potter/Gryffindor bedroom.

We started with painting the walls grey, so they mimicked the castle walls. Some of the decoration we had from Tyler’s room, and others we added as we filled out Ryan’s new bedroom. We like a room to have the feel of being there, rather than the promotional type of theme. In other words, we don’t have Harry Potter posters in the room, but wanted it to feel like being in the castle.

When you walk up to Ryan’s room, there is a Hogwarts banner hanging on the door. I joked about doing a portrait of the Fat Lady, but thought that could be a little creepy at night! On his dresser is a set of the books with owl-shaped bookends, and his owl in a bird cage. Over the dresser is a scarf I got from Wizarding World at Universal a few years ago.

On the walls are a poster that was made for me when I was pregnant with Tyler with the Sorting Hat’s rhyme on what makes someone a Gryffindor, along with a Quidditch Players Parking Only poster and a Gryffindor Quidditch Poster and a racing broom. We also have his name in the same red that we used to paint the owls, a good Gryffindor scarlet color.

We have a corner shelf topped with the Sorting Hat and a knight statue that Justin’s grandma gave to us. The next shelf has a bunch of random bottles and jars I spray painted to look like potions ingredients. The next shelf down has a small cauldron I found at Halloween time, and a Hogwarts glass that I’ve had for years. The bottom shelf has a stack of books with potions, cures, and spells that we also found at Halloween.

The last thing I made for the room was a display for wands. We currently have two of the wands, Fleur Delcaour’s and Dean Thomas’s. I want to get more, or try to make our own to add to it, we just haven’t had the chance yet. I got a piece of wood from the craft store, and painted it with a stain I had from other projects. Then I used some small gold hooks to screw into the wood to hold the wands.

Yes, I’ll admit, I am a little jealous of Ryan’s room. I want to keep adding to it as we can, and hope one day if we have a movie room in our house, we will put the HP decor in that room if the boys don’t want it by that time.

Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Ryan’s dresser with the set of books with owl bookends, his stuffed owl in it’s cage, and Gryffindor scarf hanging on the wall.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Owl bookends spray-painted scarlet to match the Gryffindor theme.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Stuffed grey owl in a bird cage spray painted brown to match the decor better.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Gryffindor scarf from Wizarding World hung on the wall over the dresser.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Poster made for my baby shower and hung in the room.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Quidditch wall and corner shelf with Harry Potter themed decorations.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Wand display made from craft-store wood, stained, and gold hooks added.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Sorting Hat and knight on the top of the corner shelf.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Corner shelf with potions bottles, cauldron, Hogwarts glass, and books.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Quidditch wall.
Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom
Hogwarts banner when entering the bedroom.

Harry Potter Bedroom Harry Potter Bedroom

28 thoughts on “Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom”

  1. littleslifeandlaughter

    This is so cute! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and love your attention to all of the details! I have a wand from visiting Harry Potter world at Universal that has been sitting in its box because I haven’t had any ideas on how to display it and love what you did with yours!

  2. I’m a huge HP fan too! (And hey, today’s his birthday how about that 🙂 I love this bedroom. You have everything your son’s a lucky lucky kid.

    1. Thank you! That wand display was so simple. I’ve thought about finding a way to add the names under the wands for whose they are. I’ll definitely update as we do more in the room!

  3. This is so cute! I love all the details. I mean lets be honest, the baby has no clue what’s going in, kids rooms are more for us than anything else haha.

  4. I just have one question, is 38 and married too old to have a Harry Potter Inspired bedroom? Ha! I’m a bit of a Potterhead still!

    1. Never too old!! 🙂 I had Harry Potter posters in my room as a teenager, and when we were deciding what to do for our first nursery, we didn’t even think twice about it… Harry Potter all the way!!

  5. I am absolutely obsessed with this bedroom right now. I have been trying to figure out how to decorate my son’s bedroom and this might take the cake!

    1. Awesome! This was a couple years in the making just because we slowly collected, but it wouldn’t be too hard to do all as one either. His room is my favorite in the house 🙂 And if your son likes one of the other houses better than Gryffindor, you could easily change up a few things and make it custom to what he likes.

  6. A wonderful bedroom! Love the Harry Potter additions. I have recently decorated my sons bedroom, you can have so much fun creating kids bedrooms. My son went for a themed bedroom too, most of it I did myself but we come across a wonderful range with so many wonderful ideas for themed kids bedrooms, we found the perfect wall paper to compliment his cowboy themes room.

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