Happy First Housiversary to us!

It’s our one year housiversary! Totally just made up the name. It’s been just over a year since we moved into our house in Texas, and we have done a lot in that time! I took some photos during our inspection and walkthrough, and just took some photos today to be able to compare everything. We closed on the house on a Wednesday afternoon, and spent all evening Wednesday, all day Thursday and Friday just cleaning and painting. We painted probably half the walls in the house. Saturday we moved everything in from our storage unit and most of our stuff from my in-laws. There were a few things still not finished, so Sunday was the first night we slept in the house. That was just over a year ago now! We love our neighborhood, we have great neighbors, Tyler is thriving in his preschool, Texas is definitely treating us well! There are some rooms that we completely redid, and others that just got a coat of paint and furniture. Some rooms are pretty much done, others still need work. We are getting there, but this place definitely feels more like home than anywhere else we have lived together!

This is the entryway into our house. We didn’t do a whole lot except change the colors (we painted over that green everywhere), and added a few decorations. I am still in search of a runner-size rug that has some circles in the correct colors on it to match, but haven’t had any luck yet.
The formal dining room turned office went through a massive change in the last year. We painted over the green to a very light sky blue color, changed the chandelier out for a light with a fan, and built in the desks and bookshelf. The desk cabinets are actually kitchen cabinets ordered from Ikea, and the bookshelf is from Ikea as well (in other words, it came in about 32 boxes!). We put those together, then Justin and his dad made the desktop and put it all together. We also got the two dry erase boards and magnet board from Ikea, and the clock from amazon. With both of us working from home now, we use this area a lot. We have both of our computers at the desk space by the windows, and the smaller desk area on the wall under the clock is great for Tyler to sit at and color.
The front room in the house started with blue and pink, so we left the blue and painted green over the pink. I was with Justin’s dad getting the paint and he was a little unsure about the color when I picked it out, but we love the colors in there. We added a rug that covers most of the room, put some shelves on the walls to hold some of the many toys, and got a foldout foam couch that they can use to sit on and folds out to a queen size bed when people are visiting. The boys got the bean bags for Christmas and they play on them all the time. We put a tv in there and have an amazon firestick so they can watch some of the shows they enjoy on netflix. The canvas paintings on the wall were done by the boys, and the clothesline with artwork is what Tyler has brought home from school this year. In the future I want to build some shelves under the tv rather than having the bookshelf, but it works for now to hold their toys.
The kitchen definitely helped sell this house for me. With how much I love to cook and bake, I loved this space, just not the color. We again painted over the green, this time with a light yellow color. We had to purchase a refrigerator, and the rest was all in the decoration.
The dining room mostly changed in the decoration. We left the color as it was, and added our table, wine rack (currently empty because little hands…), and a few decorations like the wall decor, curtains, and the hanging plant.
We loved the large living room, but when we moved in, the couch we had in Florida did not fit well with the shape of the room. So we went and bought a new couch and I am so glad we did, I love it and it looks a million times better than the old one did! We have done a lot of custom work in the living room. Justin and his dad built the entertainment center to a custom shape to fit between the couch and the fireplace. His dad built the coffee table a couple years ago for us and we are just now able to use it finally. The frames were custom built by us a couple weeks ago. And soon we are going to build a custom bench/cabinet for all my scrapbooks that will go where the chest is now. We liked the color that was in the living room when we moved in, but we wanted an accent wall. We tried one color and it just didn’t work right, so we got this burnt red color and it’s my favorite color in the house!
I was excited about the colors in the boy’s bathroom, because it matched all the beach decor we already had from Florida. So we didn’t have to do any painting in there, and already had a lot of the decoration for the bathroom. The laundry room is a bit of a mess, but no one sees it except us, so I don’t worry as much about it. We bought a washer and dryer (that barely fit!), and added a few shelves to the space as well as the key holder. It’s not great, but it serves it’s purpose.
We let Tyler choose which of the two bedrooms is his, and he chose this one. We had to paint them both no matter what, so it didn’t really matter. Those stripes took a few coats, but we painted Tyler’s room in a tan color. He was obsessed at the time with the movie Cars (and still love it, just not quite as much), so we made the room themed around Cars. We found a bunch of the signs on the wall at Hobby Lobby, and I have been collecting the license plates to hang in the room. The bed and bedspread were in the guest room in Orlando, and fit well in Tyler’s room. Yes, he was two when we moved and has his own queen sized bed!
Ryan’s room also required painting over a lot of colors. His got painted a light gray, to look like the castle walls of Hogwarts. When we lived in Florida, Tyler had the Harry Potter room, but now Ryan gets it. He has his potions ingredients on the shelves with his schoolbooks, and the sorting hat. Ryan has his racing broom and quidditch posters, his pet owl in it’s cage on the dresser, and of course his wand! I have to admit, I am a little jealous of his awesome Harry Potter room! He has the crib and toddler bed in there for now, but we are probably going to switch him to the toddler bed soon so the crib will come out at that time.
Our master bedroom definitely needed a painting. We still had some paint leftover from when we painted our bedroom in Orlando, so used that for the bedroom here as well. Besides the paint, the rest was just adding in all the furniture we had in Florida.
Our master bathroom is the room I like the least still. There is so much I want to do to it, but it would start a snowball effect and a few months and about $15k later…… As you can see, we haven’t done much to it yet. I want to paint the walls, I want to replace the vanity and countertops (I hate the split level), I want to replace the tile, I would love (dreaming here) to change the tub into a shower. I feel like a contortionist trying to shave my legs in that tiny shower. I don’t have a problem with the toilet room, but that’s about it! I do love the big glass block window, though.
The back yard is a work-in-progress still. We extended the cement patio, added the cinderblock benches, and put in the garden, but we still have a ways to go. Once it cools off enough, we are going to do some stucco on the benches to give them a more finished look. We are also going to extend the garden beds to all the way across the back fence and move the banana tree to the center of the backyard along the fence. Then we are going to replant the canna flowers from the front yard to either side of the banana tree. We are going to move the herb garden to where the garbage cans sit now, and move the cans to the side of the house. Now it just needs to cool off a little bit so we can do some work outside!

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