Kids Hand & Foot Print Calendar

Handprint/Footprint Kids Calendar

Last year, my sister and I made a calendar for our mom using the handprints and footprints of all four of our children. I don’t know if she ever finished putting her children’s hand and footprints on the pages, but I did mine. While we were at it, I also made my own calendar with just my two boys on it for me to use. I love how it came out, and if I had the time, I would do one again for this coming year.

I bought a blank calendar, and my sister had a lot of paints, so we used those. The backgrounds were done by dipping a paper towel in the paint and barely brushing it back and forth over the pages. It took a while longer than I thought, because I didn’t think about the time it would take for each page to dry before I could move on to the next.

When I made this, Tyler was about 2.5 years old, and Ryan was about 9 months. I learned that, at those ages, it was much easier to do footprints for Ryan. Tyler loved doing the hands and feet, he thought it was so much fun!

January: Blue for the background. Painted the boys feet all black. Added the eyes, beak, scarves, hats, and white middles after.

February: Pink for the background. Red on the boys hands together to make the heart. Painted “love” on the top.

March: Light green for the background. Dark green on hands and feet for the clover leaves. Painted the stem on later.

April: Blue for the sky background, dark green for the grass background. The boys hands half white, half gray for the clouds, their feet pink on top and green on bottom for the flowers.

May: Mostly light green for the background, with a hint of blue. Brown for the tree trunk and branch. Red on most of the boys feet with black on the heels. Added the antenna, eyes, mouths, arms, and spots later.

June: Mostly blue background, light brown on the bottom for sand. Painted one hand orange and one foot purple. Added the fish eyes, mouths, fins, and bubbles later.

July: Red and blue for the background. One boy’s hand and foot in brown for the eagle with the toes in gold and heel not painted. The other’s red and white striped with blue on the heel for the flag (ignore the upside down flag, I miscalculated the direction it would be on the page!). Added the flag pole, eye and beak later.

August: Light blue background. Yellow hand for the sun, orange (because I ran out of brown) foot for the boat. Added the mast and sail later.

September: Dark green for the background. All one color on both feet for the owls. Added the branch, eyes, beaks, and toes later.

October: Orange for the background. Light green with black toes for one monster. Dark green with black toes for the other. Added the faces, scars, and bolts later.

November: Brown for the background. All yellow foot for the corn, brown hand with multiple colors on fingers for the turkey. Added the lines on the corn, husk, and turkey face and legs later.

December: Silver for the background. Green on the feet for the trees. Added the decorations and bases later.


Kids Hand & Foot Print Calendar

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