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Garden Update: May 2019

I think we can officially say the Spring is here to stay and we are looking at Summer already! I am so very happy to see no more evidence of days in the 60s in the forecast for high temperature or even 70s for that matter! It’s great for the garden, too.

The gorgeous weather has had us outside much more often lately. Tyler has learned to ride his bike without training wheels and Ryan is getting better at his scooter and balance bike. We have been swimming multiple times per week in my in-law’s new pool. The boys both have about a month of school left and it’s time for summer break!

Herb Garden

Most of the herb garden is doing pretty well. I planted a few more seeds in the basil jar. I trimmed back the leaves and have them hanging to dry out, but nothing was growing back.

The cilantro continues to grow. I’ve trimmed it a few times and dried the herbs, but that hasn’t affected it at all. If anything, it tends to grow better once it gets a nice trim.

I think the oregano is gone, although I haven’t quite given up on it yet, it hasn’t grown for a while now. I didn’t realize it had been extremely overwatered at one point, and there was water puddled in the jar.

The parsley is barely hanging in there. It continues to have new growth, but very slowly. Only two or three stalks will grow at once. I trim those back and it doesn’t seem to affect it either way.

My newest addition to the herb garden is thyme. It’s hard to see in this photo, but I crossed out the dill and changed the label. The dill wasn’t growing and we haven’t been using it as much lately. I had some thyme seeds so went ahead and planted that.

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Our indoor tomato plants are still growing and thriving. At one point, we didn’t think much would end up coming from it, but it proved us wrong! I continued to water the entire thing, and we would have new sprouts randomly show up. Some of the bigger ones are going to be ready to transplant into the backyard garden soon.

The mint is going strong (shocker!) but the rest of the vegetable garden was a flop. The mint is still growing from two starter plants that we bought almost two years ago now. They love moist soil, so it’s the perfect area for it since that side of the yard doesn’t drain as well.

Funny story: when the boys carved pumpkins last year, they threw a bunch of the seeds into their garden beds. It was on my list of ideas for the backyard to tear those up and put sod down again. We haven’t been using them and not taking care of it. But a few weeks ago, a plant started pushing through. Justin looked it up and, sure enough, we have a pumpkin plant growing there from the seeds at Halloween!

We planted three different types of lettuce, and they are all growing really well. It only has another month or so, and the temperatures will probably get too warm for the lettuce. Around June to July, our lettuce typically starts to bolt from the heat. Right now, we have been able to harvest some of each, but there’s a lot more almost ready. We planted green leaf lettuce (furthest), spinach (middle), and arugula (closest).

Finally, our blackberry bush is about to explode with berries! We’ve always heard it takes a good two full years for a blackberry bush to produce, and it’s true! This has been back here for a long time now. While we’ve been able to get a few berries here and there, it’s nothing like the number of buds we see right now. It’s covered with flowers, and many of them are starting to turn into very tiny berries already.

The banana trees are starting to show a lot of new green leaves on most of them. There are a few that never grew back after the cold winter and few touches of frost we had, so those are going to be cut down soon. We have quite a few little pups shooting up from the ground already!

Back Yard & Front Yard Plants

In the backyard, we are starting to see a lot of blooms. The lilies are adding so much color to the landscape. We have had quite a few of the Asiatic Lilies open up in the last week, and a lot more that are really close. I know we have a few different colors back there, but so far the orange is the only ones to have bloomed.

We have also had a couple of canna lilies bloom, too. These don’t usually flower until they get much taller, though, so I expect a lot more from them in the next month or two.

The rest of the backyard is starting to get very green! I hate the winter when everything is brown and dead. It’s so dreary out there. This lush, green backyard is what I love.

Similar to the plants in the backyard, the ones in the front have almost no signs of the frost we had during the winter. The ferns are growing in a little bit, we just have to remember to water them. They tend to get forgotten since the sprinklers don’t reach them hanging on the porch and we usually go in and out through the garage.

What’s New in the Garden?

Over the past month, we discovered the pumpkin plants I mentioned earlier. The boys are so excited about that and think it would be so awesome if we had a couple of pumpkins grow to be able to use for Halloween this year.

Other than that, we haven’t done anything new just yet. We do have a few projects in mind for the upcoming weeks before it gets too hot to enjoy the backyard.

The rose bushes are blooming like crazy right now!

Current Favorite Garden Products

We have a few things to get done in the garden, and having the right tools makes the job easy. We’ve been using the small watering can to carefully water the herbs without putting too much in there. The hatchet is the only thing that can get through the thick banana trees when we need to trim those back. And the pruning shears are perfect for the more delicate work of picking a few roses or lilies to bring inside.

We thought this hanging plant was completely gone. Out of laziness I never replaced it and now it’s growing again!

Last Month’s To-Do List

  • Continue watering often until everything sprouts
  • Clean out the dead leaves in the plants now that there won’t be any more frost
    • Nope, still need to do this
  • Move the tomato sprouts to the garden
    • They weren’t ready yet
  • Track down and get rid of wasp nests near the house (Justin’s job, not mine!)

View the full April update here.

Current Garden To-Do List

  • Transplant the tomato plants that are ready for the backyard garden
  • Trim back the banana trees that haven’t regrown
  • Get seeds and/or starter plants for the vegetable garden
    • Bell Peppers
    • Onions
  • Buy new oregano seeds to plant in the herb garden
  • Watch the blackberries closely to pick just before ripe so the birds don’t eat them like before
  • Pull weeds from all garden beds in the back and front yard

Your Turn

  • Do you have any plants growing in your house and/or yard?
  • What would you like to have homegrown in the kitchen?
  • Tell me your favorite color of bell pepper since we can’t decide which to plant.
  • Have you overwatered a plant to the point that it killed the plant? How about forgotten to water?

24 thoughts on “Garden Update: May 2019”

  1. My husband and I have been growing some veggies and fruits. And I am so shocked that we have actually been able to keep some alive. However, the other day, he went to go check on his “carrots” and sort of pulled them up… Only to realize that it was a tomato plant and KILLED all the tomatoes that were budding, hahaahahahahahahah! #impatienceatitsfinest

    1. We’ve done that before too! One time we forgot to mark which plants were in each garden bed and pulled the wrong things. Oops!

  2. I love gardens in springtime when all the flowers are coming out and the fruit is starting to appear! And your garden looks lovely – there’s so much going on… I need to make more effort!

    1. Sometimes I wonder if we have too much going on, but then in the late spring and summer when it’s so green and colorful I love it out there!

    1. We tried cabbage this year and the seeds never took root for some reason. We aren’t sure what quite happened there.

  3. Thanks for all the inspriring pics! I am so behind on clearing out the fall leaves etc. too. Of all things, we have what looks like a bean plant (?!?!?) coming up between the bricks in our front walk, next to our tasting (herb) garden!…

    1. It’s so crazy when you have random new plants, isn’t it? I had no idea the boys even tossed pumpkin seeds where they did until it started growing!

    1. I was the same way a few weeks ago when my sister in South Florida was already planting and growing food in her garden and we weren’t able to yet, so I know how you feel! We actually had a really late spring this year, usually our temps are already quite a bit higher this time of the year.

    1. The tomatoes are getting close, at least a few are. My husband was going to do it this past weekend, but we have some major storms coming through this week and the potential for flooding so we decided they are better inside for a few more days.

  4. Your garden is looking lovely! I don’t have a green thumb but would love to grow our own vegetables. So jealous of the warmer weather heading your way, we are approaching winter here in Australia. Enjoy the sunshine out in your yard!

    1. Yep, opposite seasons! I know a few people in Australia and New Zealand who have said the same thing.

  5. I always look forward for your garden updates as i love gardening myself. I’ve to tell you that you, your boys and your hubby are doing great job. It’s definitely a very well maintained garden.

    1. I’ll definitely let them know. They tend to be the ones out there in the garden a lot. I enjoy it too, but not when there are wasps around!

  6. I have wanted to start a little garden for a while but am waiting for our forever home to do so…I’d hate putting all of that effort with a house that we wont own and have to leave it all behind once we buy

    1. I understand. This isn’t our forever home, but we knew we would be here for a while. We want to move back to Florida at some point, have some property, and build an actual greenhouse the next time we move!

  7. Your herb garden is SO cute! I love the mason jars you put them in. And your garden is beautiful!

    1. The herbs are actually in old pasta sauce jars that I cleaned out and decorated. It works perfect since they fit on the window sill with no problems.

  8. I love eating from our garden. It is so nice to know exactly what I am feeding my kids and knowing it is so fresh. Good luck on your garden.

    1. That’s exactly why I wanted my own garden! I have control over the food when I am the one who grows it. That, and I just love having a lot of plants out there.

  9. That weather forecast makes me want to move to your part of the world. It is the perfect time to plant seeds and prepare for the summer.

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