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Garden Update: June 2019

The month of May has been a crazy one here and it’s already time for the June garden update. Both boys finished up a wonderful year of school, so we had a lot of events to attend with them, my cousin graduated high school so I spent a weekend in Florida for that, plus I finished the yearbook for the elementary school and had to do the distribution. Now that school is out, it’s time for “summer vacay” as Tyler likes to call it.

It’s been the first week of summer break here, and we have been to the splash pad, visited the library and the boys both got their own library cards, played in the rain, and finished some to-do items inside and outside the house. The fence was falling into the neighbors yard, so the guys fixed that up last weekend. They also did some gardening while out there.

We know the summer isn’t easy on the garden, so we are trying to make sure to water every day out there. So far, we haven’t lost much due to the heat except the Asiatic Lilies that never do well once it gets warm.

We did have a tropical disturbance come through earlier this week. It left a lot of rain and slightly cooler temperatures so the plants loved it.

Homemade rain gauges from 2-liter bottles filled with water

Herb Garden

The herbs are hit or miss. Sometimes one is doing well when others aren’t, and then a week later it switches. Right now, you can see the basil is growing the best. We had some cilantro, but just used it in a meal the other day so there isn’t a lot left. I’m pretty sure I drowned the oregano a while ago, I just haven’t gotten any to replace it yet. The parsley is hanging on and the thyme is growing slowly.

Herbs growing in jars with labels on a windowsill

Even though the mint is planted outside, it’s still an herb. We don’t know what we are doing, but the mint thrives in the garden. Most of the good soil has been used and there is dirt out there. But still, the mint grows without a problem.

Mint plants in a raised garden bed

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

We still aren’t positive what is growing in the boys garden beds, but it’s growing well! The plants have started to flower, so we may know in the next few weeks as the vegetable grows.

Vegetable vines in a garden bed surrounded by cinderblock

We finally planted the tomato plants! It’s only been on the to-do list for a few months. My father-in-law also bought a few tomato and pepper plants to put in the garden, so those are growing, too. There are a few peppers growing on one of the plants, so we need to watch those until they are ready before the birds get to them.

Tomato plants in a raised garden bed
3 bell pepper plants in a raised garden bed
Green bell pepper growing on a plant

The banana trees continue to grow. We won’t know for a few months yet if we are going to get any bananas from them this year. But, I didn’t get them for the fruit, I got them for the tropical look in the yard.

Banana trees in a backyard garden along a wooden fence

The blackberry bush is flourishing! We’ve waited two years and are finally getting an abundance of berries. Every morning Justin goes out, trying to beat the mockingbirds, and pulls a few handfuls of berries. We have a few bowls of them in the house, and plan to make some type of blackberry cobbler soon with them. I can’t believe the amount of berries. Now we are trying to decide if we want to do blueberries on the other side or maybe get another blackberry bush.

Blackberry bush full of red berries

Back Yard & Front Yard Plants

The hibiscus plant in the front yard bloomed this week. It’s only one flower right now, but we haven’t had that up there for very long. There are a few more flower buds that are growing so may open soon as well.

White hibiscus flower

The Asiatic Lilies are reaching the end of their season. There’s only one flower left and the rest have all dropped their petals.

Yellow Asiatic Lily

The monkey grass and ginger plants are doing really well right now. I even noticed a flower that seems to be growing on the ginger plant. I didn’t know those would flower!

View of tropical plants in the backyard garden bed along a wooden fence
Monkey grass plants in a mulched garden bed
White flower on a ginger plant
Ginger plants and Asiatic Lilies in a backyard garden

While the Asiatic Lilies are reaching their end, the Canna Lilies are starting to bloom. They do better in the warmer weather, so will have flowers all summer long and into the fall here.

Canna Lilies in a backyard garden
Canna Lillies

What’s New in the Garden?

The tomato plants and pepper plants have finally been transplanted to the backyard. We also added some starters for both and they are growing well. The fence has been repaired between our house and the neighbors. And, there is a turtle friend that keeps appearing in our yard. He was on the front porch a week or two ago, and today he was out in the backyard. I think the turtle just wanted to make sure he made it into the June garden update photos.

Small turtle in the grass next to an orange ladder

Current Favorite Garden Products

The change in season often means a change in the gardening tools you need. Right now, these are the ones that we tend to be using the most.

Last Month’s Garden To-Do List

  • Transplant the tomato plants that are ready for the backyard garden
  • Trim back the banana trees that haven’t regrown
  • Get seeds and/or starter plants for the vegetable garden
    • Bell Peppers
    • Onions
  • Buy new oregano seeds to plant in the herb garden
  • Watch the blackberries closely to pick just before ripe so the birds don’t eat them like before
  • Pull weeds from all garden beds in the back and front yard

Current Garden To-Do List

  • Build a structure to hold netting over the blackberry bush to keep the birds away
  • Buy new oregano seeds to plant in the herb garden
  • Transplant celery and green onion scraps to the garden
  • Pull weeds (yes we did this last month, but it’s a never-ending job)

View the full May Garden Update here

Your Turn

  • Do you like to cook with fresh herbs?
  • Have you ever had a plant grow that you have no idea how it got there?
  • What backyard critters do you have surprisingly show up near you?
  • What’s your favorite type of berry to eat?

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12 thoughts on “Garden Update: June 2019”

  1. I love being outside. I can’t wait until I can grow my own garden I am not a homeowner yet, but planning on being one within a year or so. It’s one of the first outdoor projects I am going to set up.

    Herbs, fruits, and vegetables, all good ideas. To be honest I never thought of growing herbs until I read this…good idea!

    1. If you have any kind of porch, you could always start a small container garden. Then those would still be able to move with you when you do have your own house. I started with herbs since they are a bit easier and don’t take up as much space.

  2. My mom has a garden too and she planting some veggies and herbs. I love veggies and herbs made from garden because it is fresh. I like your garden 🙂

    1. I think that’s one of my favorite parts of having the garden… all the fresh food is delicious! And I like knowing how the food we eat was grown and what was used on it.

  3. Looks like a lot going on in your garden! I too love the tropical look of banana plants. It hit 101 F today, no gardening for me for a few days I think.

    1. Yeah, it’s been hot here, too! The heat index this weekend was 106F on Saturday. We actually had a very small front move through so the high was only 87F today which actually felt nice!

  4. Totally love fresh herbs. I also have a garden. Reading this got my excited and the photos even more. Your garden is beautiful. The worst about my garden is weeds, they grow within 48 hours it seems like.

    1. Oh my gosh, the weeds are relentless! We’ve tried so many natural ways to keep them out and nothing seems to work. We tend to pull them every two weeks or so. We could go out almost every day, but it’s just not worth all that work.

  5. I would like to get some pepper plants up and growing in my garden. It would be nice to have a variety of them.

  6. Your garden is looking wonderful. Such a wonderful variety of plants you have. We just planted our garden this week, which is a bit behind normal but not too much. Can’t wait to see how things grow over the coming months.

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