2016 Garden Update #17

Well, it’s my last update on the garden/backyard for the year, and it’s a big one!! Just this morning we had a dump truck come (yes, the boys were extremely excited!) and drop off 3 cubic yards of topsoil in the driveway to fill in the new raised beds we put in a couple months ago.

Before we could start moving the dirt to the back, we wanted to pull the last remaining things out of the current garden, and really turn the dirt over in there. We ended up digging half of the dirt out, pulling all the weeds and grass we could, and started spreading that dirt out since we needed to put it somewhere.

The few things I saved out of the garden I put in some of these pots and just moved them over to the herb garden area. I was going to replant, but we decided to keep them in the pots for another month or two, until we know we won’t get any freezes. At least with them in the pots we can move them to the garage if we need to.

This is the second lily that has flowered since we moved everything!

I’ve read a few things online about putting newspaper down under the soil to try to help smother out any grass and/or weeds that would grow up through the dirt, so I have been saving the free newspapers that we get every week. We still ran low, so also got some cardboard since it will also biodegrade like the paper. We had a big problem with grass and weeds in the garden this year, so I’m willing to try it!

Once we had all the newspaper/cardboard laid down, and the original garden bed dug up, it was time to move on to the pile of dirt in the driveway.

Ryan and Tyler had a blast playing in the large pile of dirt in the driveway! They were climbing and rolling around and were an absolute disaster, but they loved it!!

Final Photos:

I’m really hoping that we didn’t kill the banana trees when we moved them. Hopefully once the weather is consistently warmer they will come back.

Luckily for the garden, it is supposed to rain tomorrow which should help settle the dirt. We are going to give it at least a few weeks before we plant anything. I need to start looking at what grows best here and decide what we are going to plant again. I am planning to put veggies in the original garden area, and fruit in the new corner garden. The plants that are in the herb garden now will be moved to their permanent homes after the threat of a freeze has passed. Once I do that, I am going to get some herb seeds to grow. My ultimate goal is to grow most of my own produce and have to spend very little at the store.

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