2016 Garden Update #16

We have been working a lot in the back yard lately, but haven’t done much actual gardening. We ended up taking apart our cinder block benches and built some new wooden benches. The cinderblock was too heavy it was starting to crack the cement underneath. We gave away most of the blocks, but did use a few to build a new herb garden. The shelves I had been using were getting really torn up so we needed something new.

I am going to get new pots for the herbs, these are just the leftovers. I tried to see what they look like spray painted, but don’t like the look. We had the bricks in front of it from the front flower beds that we took out early this year, so used them to make an area to stand in front of the herb garden. Then we took some leftover quick-crete and used that to fill it all in.


New benches in progress:


Completed benches: We are going to make some end tables to go in the corners as well, just haven’t gotten the materials for those yet. img_3032

Once the wood cures, which can take a couple months, these will be stained to match the picnic table and herb garden.

img_3033 img_3034

While we were out placing the new benches, we noticed that we have two peppers starting to grow in the garden! These were planted just from seeds that I saved out of some peppers that I bought at the store for dinners a few months ago.

img_2489 img_2490

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