2016 Garden Update #14

It’s been a few months since I did an update about the garden/backyard, but we haven’t had much of a garden to update about. A couple months ago we pulled almost everything from the garden and are doing a big overhaul of the backyard now that it is starting to get a little cooler less excruciatingly hot outside. We put in for approval from our HOA to move our fence line forward so that it matches with our neighbor’s fences and also puts most of the side yards behind the fence.

Justin, his brother, and their dad worked on the fence. I stayed inside with the boys. And man was I glad I did when they said they found a few huge wasp nests and yellow jacket nests when they started pulling apart the current fence. I am terrified of anything that can fly and sting/bite so I was very happy to stay inside during this project!! They also found a yellow jacket nest under my celery plant and took care of that for me.

The boys loved watching out the window as the guys worked on the fence.
Right side of the house now lined up with the neighbors fence.
The left side had to be offset by a few feet from the neighbors because of where our a/c unit sits.

We also made a few changes to the front yard around the trees. We have never liked how it looked to have mulch around the trees, so decided to dig up the mulch and get some sod to put in.

img_1419 img_1654 img_1655 img_1651 img_1656

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