2016 Garden Update #12

Ok, ok, I’m a slacker. The garden is getting overgrown again. It’s just still so dang hot outside I don’t want to go out there and spend the time it takes to tend to the garden. Besides, in a month we are going to be completely redoing the backyard including redoing the vegetable garden, so we will be pulling this all up and planting some fall vegetables anyways. And….. ok, I’m just making excuses, I’ve been lazy with it lately. That being said, even with the lack of attention, some of the vegetables still seem to be growing well. I needed some green onion for the lunch I made today, and went to get some from the garden (also when I took the photos) and it was good. So the things that are growing are good still, the problem is the grass is still growing too!

This is about half green onion, half grass in the front. You can still see the peppers growing behind that, and the celery in the corner.
We pulled the tomatoes a few weeks ago, and it has just been overrun with weeds in there 🙁
The carrots seem to be growing pretty well, but they are still really small. Some of the stalks of broccoli are starting to come up, but at this point I doubt they will produce anything. And behind that there are some white onions hanging on.
The dill is making a comeback! It was all but dead a few weeks ago, but is growing again! The other herbs are doing ok. When we redo the backyard we are completely moving the herb garden closer to the house. I think they are getting too much sun.
Our blackberry bush is still growing as well. That’s also going to get moved when we redo the backyard, so hopefully that doesn’t kill it.
And the banana tree. It’s taller than the fence now. For having no idea how it would even do, it’s growing like crazy!
Close-up of the celery. I haven’t used any of it yet, but it looks good. I don’t have a lot of recipes that require celery, which is partly why I wanted to grow it myself. When we get a whole bunch from the store half of it ends up going bad because we don’t use it in time.

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