Garden Update #11: First Vegetable Harvest

Garden Update #11: First Vegetable Harvest

I am happy to say that we were able to get our first real vegetable harvest from the garden! Of course, we’ve been getting mint leaves for months, and our leafy greens since they were Spring weather plants.

But this week we were able to get a zucchini from the garden and one blackberry! Yes, they were small, but it was still exciting because those are two new things for us from the garden. Last year, our zucchini plants flowered but none of them ever produced, and the blackberry bush was still too young to bear fruit.

Justin ate the blackberry and said it was still a little better, but it was close to being ready. Hopefully, the next ones that are ready will taste a bit better. We haven’t eaten the zucchini yet, but I plan on using it later this week so I’ll let you know how it goes.

The boys little garden areas are growing well. Apparently, this is where we needed to plant the tomato plants because both of theirs have a few large tomatoes growing on them. They also have some zucchini flowering that looks like it’s starting to grow.

I seriously don’t even know what to do with all the mint. It started with just two small mint starters that we had purchased and has grown exponentially. We also still have a bunch of onions growing, and have used the tops for garnishing meals. The onion bulbs need a bit more time to grow into full onions, so we will leave those how they are for now.

The pepper plants are starting to sprout, finally. They have been taking so long to grow that we aren’t sure what will happen with those this year. And even though we thought we pulled the lettuce, there are one or two pieces that have lasted and are growing again. Along with those, we also planted some watermelon seeds in that bed. But, of course, just like when we planted the lettuce seeds, the day after planting the watermelon we had inches of rain so hopefully the seeds weren’t washed away.

Most of our Asiatic lilies have bloomed and the petals have fallen off already, but the canna lilies are still growing and flowering.

The banana trees are getting taller than the fence again, and we have some more pups growing from them as well. With how quickly they’ve grown back, we are hoping they will produce some bananas for us this year.

As I mentioned, we picked one blackberry from the bush and it was a little bitter. But there are a few dozen berries growing, and a few are starting to turn red. After they are red, then they will turn black which is when they are ready. From what we can tell, the berries are on the original bush we planted two years ago meaning we should have even more berries next year.

I don’t know what is going on with the zucchini plants, but they are huge! I don’t know if they normally get this big since ours didn’t do well last year, but they sure are growing this year. We planned a much bigger area for the squash and zucchini and I think that has helped more than anything. There are a few small squashes growing as well as a few tomatoes on our plants.

As for the herbs, they definitely are doing better inside rather than outside. I have learned, though, that trying to transplant the starters into the jars wasn’t a great idea. The basil had died off completely so I planted seeds and that’s growing better than anything else. I have been able to harvest some herbs from these and have them hanging in the laundry room to dry out. The cilantro seems to be completely gone, but the others are hanging on.

Garden Update #11: First Vegetable Harvest Garden Update #11: First Vegetable Harvest

14 thoughts on “Garden Update #11: First Vegetable Harvest”

  1. I love your pictures and the way your garden is set up! I’ve been wanting to grow my own garden the last few years but keep putting it off. I really don’t have a green thumb so I guess a little nervous. You’re doing a great job with them though, I’m so glad!

  2. You’re garden looks so beautiful, congrats on your first harvest! I wish I had the space to keep a garden 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ok I have garden envy right now! I have 2 squirrels take up residence in my garden and they are eating EVERYTHING. Any ideas?

    1. Ugh, darn squirrels! We had birds getting into our strawberry plants. They didn’t grow well so we didn’t replant, but we were thinking of getting some chicken wire and building a small cage around them to try to keep the birds out. I don’t know how well that would work with squirrels but it’s worth a shot!

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