2017 Garden Update 1

2017 Garden Update #1: Freezing Temperatures and our Plants

My first garden post for the year! And it’s not looking too great. Here in the Houston area, our winters are usually pretty mild. But last week we had two nights that it dipped below freezing and our plants did not handle it well. Luckily since we had just turned over the dirt in the garden, I put everything in pots. We were going to replant it all but I suggested we keep it in the pots until any threats of freeze have passed. I’m glad we did because we were able to move everything into the garage to keep it from the freezing temperatures.

Some of the garden plants are looking a little droopy, but they are still alive right now. We moved them back outside now that our temps are ranging from 50 at night to 80 during the day. At this point, these plants just need a little sun and warm weather. Hopefully they will be back to normal soon.

This weekend’s plans include finishing up the herb garden. I still need to stain the edges of wood that were cut to make them fit. When I do that, I am going to also try to put some of the stain on the cinderblock. I know it won’t completely cover the brick, but I just want them to blend in a little more. Once that all dries, I am going to add a few hooks into the edge of the wood on the left side to hang a few of my small garden tools. Once it gets to be late February, maybe early March, I will plant most of these back into the garden so I can grow some herbs in this area again.

herb garden

All the rain we have had lately has helped to pack down the new dirt in the garden beds. This is the original garden bed we made last year, and will be where I plant all the vegetables. I still need to come up with a list of what I want to try to grow this season.

ready garden bed

The plants that Justin’s parents gave us did not like the freezing temperatures. We are hoping that the root system isn’t damaged and the plants will bounce back. It’s funny, they didn’t brown until a couple days after the freeze.

plants that didn't like the freeze

The Canna Lily plants also didn’t do well with the freeze. But I swear these are like the cockroach of the plant world, you just can’t kill it! There is already new growth on a couple of the lily plants.

canna lily post-freeze

A few days before the freeze, there was finally a new stalk growing on the tallest banana tree. Then after everything froze, it seems to have killed that too. If you look closely at the plant, you can see the new piece bent over and brown now.

banana trees

See? These lilies just grow like crazy! If we don’t get any more freezing nights I think these will definitely make a comeback.

canna lily new growth after freeze

Overall, we have a slow start to the gardening process at this point. I am afraid to plant too much right now, unless it is in a pot. We don’t get freezing temperatures here too often, but these zone 9 plants just can’t handle it. Pretty soon I am going to sit down and make my list of what we want to try to grow this year. When I get that done I will post my list. Any suggestions on great plants for a zone 9 (aka warmest zone) garden?

2017 Garden Update 1

2017 Garden Update 1

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