Farmhouse Picnic Table and Bench

So it is almost Tyler’s birthday now, and I have plenty of seating in the backyard thanks to the cinderblock benches that we built, but I had no tablespace. So what else should I do, but build a table?! Well, I helped. And this time, when I write “we” I mean my father-in-law and me! We built a table and a small bench to sit at it on the side that won’t go at the corner benches we already made.

Usually Justin is the one who works on the projects, but he said he knew this would take most of two days, which would be his whole weekend and the only time he really gets to spend with the boys. So I said I would help with it if he took care of the boys and he agreed. I found some ideas and tutorials on pinterest, and showed Justin and his dad what I was thinking, and we sketched out a design and made a shopping list. There were a few things we picked up as we went, but here is our basic shopping list:

  • 12 2x4s
  • 9 2x6s
  • Liquid nail
  • Nails for the nail gun
  • Wood stain

We started with the legs of the table and bench. First, we took the 2x4s and liquid nail and put them together to make them 4x4s. We could have just bought some 4×4 wood, and I am not entirely sure why we didn’t. But either one would work for this. We went with the 4×4 size to make sure it had a lot of support, this table was heavy by the time we were done! We used the liquid nail with some clamps to hold them together, then used the nail gun to secure them.






Once those were all dry, we measured and measured again what height we wanted the table to be, then used the drop saw to cut them to the right size for both the table and the bench. We made four straight legs for the table. I was going to try to do something that was angled, but we decided that it would be much easier to just do everything straight to keep from having to try to figure out the exact angles to make sure it was all level.


We then laid out the 4×6 boards that would make the table top and laid the table legs on top of that to make sure it all lined up properly. Then we used some 2×4 boards to create a box that would hold the table top together and hold the table legs to the table.




After we got the box sized and the legs attached, we put another piece across the middle of the legs and the table and across the middle to help stabilize the table and also have something more to attach the top boards to.







The last big thing we had to do was get the top pieces on the table. We laid them across and measured how much we wanted to hang over the edges and drew lines across to know where to cut to get it all correct, then used the nail gun to secure them all in place. Once they were secure, we just used the circle saw (or whatever it’s called) to cut them once attached. We wanted to make sure that the table was square on all sides, and this was the easiest way.



After we finished the table, we went through the same basic steps to make a small bench that would fit under the table. The table is going to be in a corner on the back porch with our cinderblock benches along two sides of it, so the bench is for the other side.





The last few things we had to do were sanding all the edges and using the router to give the table and bench rounded edges so it would be more comfortable and match the cinderblock benches we already have.



The finished project! Of course, Tyler had to help check it out and test the table. He approved! Then we had to try to get it to our house since we built it at Justin’s parents house. None of us have a vehicle large enough to transport it. Luckily we live on the next street so the guys just put the table on the dolly and walked it down the street! At least the bench fit in the vehicle!





The very last things we had to do is stain the table and bench. I did that in the afternoon, as well as the tops of the cinderblock benches we have had out there.





It was a lot of work, but it looks so nice out on the back porch. I am really happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to find our next big project!!



DIY Farmhouse Picnic Table DIY Farmhouse Picnic Table

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