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Eternal Roots Partnership – Continue Your Family Story

Eternal Roots is a company that I am partnering with through my Legacy Republic business.

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting and connecting with Tom from Eternal Roots. Through my Legacy Republic business, I help preserve memories have been previously recorded throughout your family history. Eternal Roots lets you help preserve those memories through video interviews with family members to get their story recorded for generations to come.

Eternal Roots is dedicated to preserving your life story and family history. Your story will be recorded in an interview, and your favorite photos will be used to supplement your story and bring it to life. You will receive a video on a custom wooden flash drive, and the interview will be transcribed into a hardcover book. This is a vehicle to connect families through generations.

The newest package available from Eternal Roots focuses on getting your child’s point of view on life. I love this idea so much! I have been doing a birthday interview with my boys, but just writing their answers down on paper. Getting a professional video done is an amazing addition to our family archives. Time is so fleeting, what better way to capture your child’s thoughts and personality?

Through the Wonder Package, which is geared at children aged 8-18, you will get an interview asking about their current life and interests such as school and friends, as well as their dreams and aspirations. Children always seem to dream big, so imagine being able to go back on a video of yourself 20 years ago to see what was important then.

A video like this is a gift for yourself as a parent, being able to essentially freeze time for a little while. It’s a gift for your child to be able to look back on, I know I love watching the videos of myself at my children’s ages to see similarities. And it is a gift to your children’s future family to be able to go back and watch their mom or dad as a child.

Eternal Roots

Interviews through Eternal Roots, which are available in many different packages and price levels, are a great addition to your family archives. All of the interviews include a beautiful flash drive with the video interview in high-definition. When available, the video is supplemented with photos of the interviewees life to help enhance the experience.

As an add-on, you can also have the interview made into a word-for-word transcription book of the interview with the photos that are used. This is perfect to be able to hand down from generation to generation, and start your own “family library” of stories!

Eternal Roots interviews can be done remotely now, so no worry about being able to meet with Tom. He has set up a system to do the interviews over the internet which allows you to have an interview done of family members all over the country.

Ready to get started preserving your family history for generations to come?

Check out the Eternal Roots website at or on Facebook at

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