Election 2016

I have only been able to vote in 3 presidential elections now. Before that I never paid attention to politics. Honestly, I still don’t pay much attention to politics, I don’t find it very interesting. I know I should, I know it’s my country and my responsibility as an American citizen to vote. I watched the last debate, and I didn’t really like much of what I saw. How did we really get down to these choices? Is this even a choice? I have never felt more like we were choosing the “lesser of two evils” than in this election.

Before a couple weeks ago, the only candidate I knew much about was Ted Cruz when he was running, only because Justin was contracted to do a lot of their graphics design work. I met him at a staff luncheon one time, he seemed like a nice guy. But that was the most I ever knew.

Justin and I went last week to do early voting so we did a little research before that into the presidential candidates as well as all the other local and state elections that we had. He and I discussed a few things about those running so we could both get a different perspective on things. In the end, we both voted how we felt.

I don’t like to discuss politics with people. There are three subjects that are off-limits in my eyes: family, religion, and politics. Those can be such touchy subjects with people that it isn’t worth the potential arguments that come out of it. I will discuss issues with certain members of my family, but only the ones I know I can have a rational discussion with, and not an argument. But I don’t post on facebook or other social media about these topics. I just don’t. Some things are best left to yourself.

Anyways, back to the point…. this has got to be some of the worst choices we have had to choose from. I know a lot of women are for Hillary because they want a woman in office. A lot of people who are for Trump because they like that he “speaks his mind” and will say what others won’t. I know some people who voted against someone, which to me isn’t a vote either.

I am truly worried about the fate of our country right now. Maybe having children during this election makes it different for me. I am not only thinking about myself, but I am also worried about their future as well. Some of the issues aren’t important to me, but some of them really strike a chord with me. Part of my problem, too, is that I fall down the middle. I do not consider myself super conservative, or super liberal. I side with Republican ideals on some things, and Democratic ideals on other.


My children will be starting school and going through some, if not most, of their elementary school years under this president. I don’t generally like how education is handled in this country as it is, but I don’t know what will make it better right now either. My mom and sister are both teachers, and changes to the education system will effect their lives as well. I have considered teaching high school in the coming years, depending on what happens.


I read something from a friend, and I think it perfectly sums up my thoughts on this one: I am pro-choice politically, but pro-life personally. Mistakes happen, tragedies happen, and women need an option to do what is best for them and their unborn child. Personally, I don’t think I could ever go through with it. Although, thankfully I have never been in that situation, both of my pregnancies were wanted and tried for, so it’s hard to say for certain.

War/Armed Forces

I fully support our military and armed forces. Without question. I think what they do and what they sacrifice for our country and our freedom is amazing. Having said that, I don’t agree with all of the wars we get our country mixed up in. I don’t feel like it is our job to step in and try to “fix” other countries problems just because they aren’t run the same way as we are.

Health Care

ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act is absolutely horrible. There is nothing affordable about this program. I have hated this since it was first announced as a possibility. For my family of four, without the subsidy, it would cost us close to $1200 per month for our healthcare! Before ACA was enacted, we paid close to $300 per month and that included maternity care. Once Tyler was born, it only added about $50 and Ryan would have been the same. That was on a private insurance plan.

Then came ObamaCare and we got screwed. Right now, as a sub teacher, I could get just myself on their health plan for about $300 per month, just for me. And that is considered “affordable” so we don’t get any benefits. It has made the insurance premiums go up, benefits go down, and we have had to change doctors for ourselves and the kids so many times because a lot of doctors don’t accept any ObamaCare plans anymore. Seriously, when all the major companies are pulling out of the plan, you know something is wrong.

I Voted

I know there are other issues, and others that also matter to me, but these are the foremost issues in my mind. Yes, foreign policy is important, I just don’t understand enough about it to really be able to say I am for or against someone because of their ideals. I can agree that immigration issues are a big deal, but I go back and forth on my thoughts.

No matter how this election turns out tonight, our country will press on. We will survive this. If Hillary wins, history will be made with our first female president. If Trump wins, I don’t think it will make history in any major way, but it would be interesting. Either way, I am planning for the worst, but hoping for the best. I guess that’s all we can do at this point.

I voted. I made my voice heard. I tried to make the decision that seems right for my family. I hope you did the same.

election 2016
Obligatory selfie with our “I Voted” stickers!

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