Don’t Delete That Photo

Don’t Delete That Photo

Take that photo. Take that selfie. Take the photo of your husband/wife playing with the kids. Take your camera out. Take all the photos you can.


There’s a post that went viral on Facebook recently urging husbands/dads to take more photos of their wives with the children. Most of the time, the mom is the one who takes all the photos, which means she is never in them. Thanks to front-facing cameras on phones, we can take “selfie” photos, but that’s just not the same. These don’t have to be posed photos, just catch her playing with the kids sometimes, or helping with homework, or cooking dinner together, or whatever is a typical mom/child happening at your house.

The post (found here) says:

“Dear men…. take the photo…

It doesn’t matter what she looks like, or if she tells you no, take the photo. You may not think about it often, or at all honestly. But how many photos does she capture of you, of your family and of your life you’ve built. But when she is gone, those photos won’t show your children the women who was behind the camera.

Take the photo. Messy hair, no make up or a dirty old t-shirt won’t matter to your children when she is gone someday. What will matter is that you loved what you saw enough to take a photo, to document it, to preserve that moment in time of the woman you love. No woman wants to look back at a lifetime of selfies. Do what she does for you every day, and snap a few moments in time.

Be proud. Take photos of her. Before kids and after.”

And if there isn’t someone around to take the photo, don’t be afraid to take a million selfies. Some people will try to tell you that ‘selfies don’t count’, but I disagree. Any photo is better than no photo. Don’t worry about what other people think. I have taken selfies before with my kids just out at the park. People look at me funny sometimes. Ok, yes, my hair is in a messy bun, I am in some comfy clothes, and haven’t put makeup on. But I don’t care. My phone is constantly full of photos. I don’t post them all on social media because there is no reason.

Many of you know, I am also a photographer, so the subject of taking photos really hits home with me. I am mostly hired to do family photos, so I am helping these families capture those moments to save forever. Trust me, once someone is gone, even if you have a hundred photos with that person, you will still want a hundred more. My grandpa passed away 10 years ago, and I have a handful of photos of him, and only a couple of me with him. I don’t have much to be able to show my children what their great-grandpa was like. One of my favorite (of the very few I have) is a photo of my grandpa, my sister, and me that was taken at a cousin’s wedding, and it is also one of the most recent photos we took together before he got sick.


No matter what, take the photo.

Take a dozen photos. Take a hundred photos, a thousand. Then DON’T DELETE THEM! I hear so many women say, “Oh, I don’t like that photo, delete it,” or maybe, “Sure you can take the photos, but I have deleting rights and can delete any I want,” or even worse, “No, don’t take my photo, I don’t look great/I want to lose weight first/blah blah blah.” Sure, every woman wants to look her best and maybe lose a little weight, but that’s not happening overnight, and you have to take the photos while you can. Even if you don’t look your best, that’s part of how you were at that point in your child’s life.

On the other hand, if your child is overweight/not looking their best/not feeling well, would you wait to take their photo until they look better? No? Then why would you do that to yourself? And guess what, contrary to popular belief, not every photo you take must be posted on Facebook/Instagram/snapchat/twitter/whatever other social media platform you use. As I said earlier, they are for you and your family, not anyone else.

Take that photo. Take that selfie. Capture that moment. Freeze time for a second. Make sure everyone is in the photos. Create those photos that will become your family memories, your family legacy, now, while you still can, while you can make sure everyone is in the photo. We are not guaranteed anything, so make the most of it. Just please, please, don’t delete those photos, your children would rather have a photo of you even if you don’t think you look your best than have nothing at all.

Don’t Delete That Photo Don’t Delete That Photo

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