Food for a Daniel Tiger birthday party on a table with red, orange, and black streamers behind (with logo overlay)

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party

Have a Daniel Tiger lover in your house? Ideas for a cheap, DIY Daniel Tiger themed birthday party including decorations and food.

My oldest is 3! When did that happen?! And how do I have a three-year-old? It’s funny how it seems like forever ago that we were called to head to the hospital for my induction with Tyler. Yet at the same time, it’s hard to think of a time that we didn’t have Tyler. Three years seems so short, but also seems so long. It’s crazy how time works. Tyler is growing to be such a funny, adorable, crazy, outgoing, wonderful boy. And he is all boy. He loves to play outside, although he doesn’t always like to get dirty. He plays with anything that has wheels, Olaf, or Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. Tyler is a little ball of energy and literally bounces out of bed every morning and hits the ground running and is just go go go until bedtime!

As I mentioned the other day, Tyler is currently obsessed with the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We have seen every episode on Netflix multiple times and know every song. We only do things if they are what Daniel Tiger does. Seriously, everything in this household is currently based on a Daniel Tiger song/episode. About a month ago I started asking Tyler what he wanted to do for his birthday, and he said Daniel Tiger. I said I can also do Cars, Olaf, trains… nope, Daniel Tiger. He never wavered from that. Ok, Daniel Tiger it is!

I again took to the internet pinterest to see what I could find for a Daniel Tiger birthday party. And surprisingly, I found quite a few ideas! Some of them were more of a jungle theme with tigers, but it still gave me some ideas. I posted the other day about the trolley I made for a dessert tray to put the cake on.

Originally Published On: June 5, 2016

Last Updated On: April 13, 2020

Daniel Tiger Decorations

We didn’t do a lot of decorations. I’ve had some multi-colored food trays for years that I used for the food. We went with red, black, and orange for colors. As a tiger, Daniel is orange and black. And he wears a red sweater, so the colors were easy.


Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Food

I tried to keep the food as simple as I could. After all, we had quite a few three-year-olds at the party. They like simple finger foods.

I made some quick signs on the computer for each of the foods. The signs stood easily since I printed them on cardstock and folded them in half. I did use a tiny piece of tape on the back so they wouldn’t fall off of the table.


Cake & Trolley Cake Stand

After a few cake mis-haps, we actually ended up with just one small cake for Tyler as I always intended to have, and store-bought cookies for everyone else. I baked the cakes the night before, and I was going to make cake pops out of the large one for guests. Well apparently I don’t know how to make cake pops because they would not stay together. And I couldn’t get the chocolate to melt properly even though it was melting chocolate. So then I tried shaping them into squares to be cake brownies and that didn’t work either. So I threw it all in the trash and sent Justin to the store!

Even with all that, I like how everything else came out. I had ordered a Daniel Tiger and trolley cake toppers, so put those on the cake. Justin’s parents got him some Daniel Tiger figurines for his birthday, so they gave them to me that morning to be able to put with his cake.


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27 thoughts on “Daniel Tiger Birthday Party”

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    1. It’s a cute show on PBS here that is based on the old Mr. Rogers show. It teaches a lot of life lessons and emotions but at a young kid’s level with songs. We learned a lot here from Daniel Tiger!

  2. I haven’t heard of Daniel Tiger before, not surprising as I don’t have kids. I love the sentiment of “try new foods though”. Great message for kids, and fussy adults! lol!

    1. Oh that’s awesome! It’s such a pretty name. We didn’t know much about Daniel Tiger when we had my second child since my oldest hadn’t started watching it yet.

    1. It ended up being such an easy party to put together. I like matching the colors instead of spending a lot of money on themed decorations that are only used once.

  3. Wow! Great theme for a party to do, you’ve given us a great idea for this one. The presentation looks awesome, the minimalist design makes it so mesmerizing then comes the foods that look so delicious and yummy.

  4. What a cute theme, and you did a great job with it! My 3 year old went with Lion King for her birthday this year, and that was a lot of fun to style. Maybe next year she’ll choose DT!

  5. I love Daniel the Tiger. That catchy little trolley song. 🙂 Love your trolley cake.
    Happy Birthday to your little one.

  6. I’m not familiar with Daniel Tiger but I get a good idea from your post and the whole of it looks pretty good. Happy 3rd birthday to him.

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