Kitchen Tips & Reviews

Tips and Tricks to help you out around the kitchen, all learned from my experience with cooking, baking, and all things kitchen related.

Reviews of my favorite products and gadgets in the kitchen. These are all things that I personally own and use, and have made a difference in my cooking.

11 Ways to Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can easily be grown in a small indoor garden or in an outside garden. But what do you do when you have an overabundance of herbs?

Why an Online Grocery Order is Wasteful

An online grocery order, while convenient, creates large amounts of waste that could easily be avoided by foregoing the services and shopping for yourself.

How to Recycle Responsibly

Many people feel good about their recycling, but do you recycle responsibly when it comes to the items you throw in the recycle bin?

Travel Tips for a No Waste Kitchen

Travel can make us reach for conveniences rather than continue our No Waste Kitchen journey. Try these ideas to reduce your waste on your next vacation.

How to Read a Simple Recycle Label

Recycling only works when it is done right. The recycle label is simple, and if you know how to read it, you can be a responsible recycler.

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