No Waste Kitchen

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No Waste Kitchen on a Budget

Setting a budget for your No Waste Kitchen can be done if you are willing to try these few suggestions for saving money while still being eco-friendly.

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How Does Recycling Work?

Recycling isn’t as simple as placing bottles and plastics in your recycle bin. Learn how recycling works, and what you may or may not be able to recycle.

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The 5 Rs in No Waste

Everyone has heard of the environmental saying Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But in the No Waste Kitchen, there are 5 Rs that matter.

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What Does No Waste Kitchen Mean?

Reducing or eliminating waste created in the kitchen can sound overwhelming. But what does “No Waste” mean and how can you apply the concept in your home?

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How to do a Home Trash Audit

Performing a Home Trash Audit is a great way to see where you currently are in the amount of waste produced in your kitchen.

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30 Day No Waste Challenge

Kickstart your journey to a waste-free kitchen with the 30 Day Challenge. If one small change can make a difference, imagine what 30 can do!