I'm a Cat Person, Get Over It!

I’m a Cat Person, Get Over It!

I am a cat person, I don’t like dogs. It’s not strange, it’s just who I am. Why is it such a big deal that I don’t like dogs?

5 Reasons Everyone Needs an Online Village

5 Reasons Everyone Needs an Online Village

“It doesn’t matter where your village is, or who your village consists of. Just find a village. Find a group of people that you can count on to cry with you, cheer for you, accept you, laugh with you, guide you, and help you through this crazy journey of parenting.”

Monster Birthday Party

A monster birthday party is easy to do yourself. Put some eyes and funny faces on a few things, some bright colors, and you have monsters!

DIY Outdoor Cinderblock Benches

Cinderblock Outdoor Benches

I had seen something on pinterest about using cinderblocks to build benches, and they are fairly cheap and durable, so we thought we would give it a try.

Beach Bathroom Decor

Beach Bathroom Decor

A beach-themed bathroom can be fun to decorate especially when you love the beach. We’ve made a few things ourselves to add to the bathroom.

Banana BreadBanana Bread covered with oats on a slate serving plate next to a brown towel and a bread knife on a wooden surface (with logo overlay)

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