Camping with Kids

Guest Post: Camping with Kids

I would like to give a warm welcome to Sandra Crespo from 1st Class RV Adventures who has a wonderful post about the benefits of taking children camping and enjoying the great outdoors together.

As a full-time traveling RV family I have had many parents asking me for tips and ideas on what to when camping with children. My first response is ALWAYS include them in the entire adventure! The moment you decide to go camping if they are old enough to understand make sure they are included in the planning process. My step daughter was 7 when we decided to go full-time and she had so much fun going with me to the store to buy the things we needed. If your kids are a bit younger like mine I recommend buying flashlights for them at the dollar tree and reading some books about camping with them. My little ones are obsessed with the flashlights!

I absolutely love the fact that we camp every day because we enjoy nature so much more than when we lived in the middle of Orlando, FL where we barely enjoyed the great outdoors. I recommend no matter what age your children are while you are camping go outside and point out the different trees, birds, rocks, flowers, etc. I have come up with so many different games for them and since mine are so young it has really been educational as well. You can make scavenger hunts and give out fun outdoor prizes to everyone for participating.
Building the kids anticipation and excitement before heading out will keep them excited and keep them looking forward to their experience. I have had friends that have even done a trial run in their backyard and the kids always love and enjoy that! If you have the room for it try it out make sure to include a bonfire and all! Doing this will also help you with figuring out what you will need when you go on your camping trip.

My step daughter loves having a journal and it is fun to read it when she goes back to her mom’s house she writes what she did each day and draws a picture to go with it. If your kids are old enough to write I definitely recommend buying them each their own journal so that they can keep track of their adventures. A disposable camera for each child is also a fun way to keep them engaged and will help capture the moments through their eyes.

No matter what you do make sure that you remember that simplicity is key to camping. Going with the flow is important to remember because usually nothing goes as planned! Create as many memories as you possibly can because I promise you that your kids will not forget! I still remember my first camping trip as if it was yesterday. My parents used to take us both tent and cabin camping all the time when we were growing up because they wanted to take us out of the hustle and bustle of New York City. I am forever grateful because those experiences are what have shaped me into who I am today. Feel free to contact me if you want any other pointers. Now go out there and camp and make it fabulous!

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